You Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

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You Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea.

How you can beat the stereotypes and build a visible & impactful brand.

Written By Eloho Efemuai

I used to think that my self-worth depended on what others thought or said about me and for years I struggled to fit in. The beliefs, misconceptions and expectations that were placed on me as a woman of faith, singer, radio broadcaster and woman in business held me back from truly living and building an impactful brand. Today I am not that woman, and I am now helping other women of faith like me build visible and impactful brands.

Stereotypes have a way of conditioning our thoughts and actions and if not dealt with hinder us from attaining our full potential. Stereotypes can leave you second-guessing yourself and stop you from stepping into your greatness, impacting your world, and doing the things you were designed to do.

For years I battled with a lack of confidence and low self-esteem because of stereotypes, I never felt enough or good enough. I thought that I had to be everybody’s “cup of tea”.

This not only crippled my personal growth & self-development, but it also affected my relationships. I realized I was going around the same circle over and over again, making the same mistakes and I genuinely felt that I had a problem. I really wanted to build an impactful brand and help others like me but struggled until I realized that to build or grow anything at all, I had to know myself, recognise the value that I bring and see worth in myself.

You see one thing that cripples the growth and progress of many of us is not necessarily an external factor, such as other people’s opinions, as we often imagine; rather, it is you and I being the antagonists of our very own story.

We cannot grow ourselves if we do not know and understand ourselves, we cannot truly build an impactful brand, business, or anything for that matter if we do not know and understand ourselves. We cannot hide our talents because we are afraid of failure and the stereotypes placed on us.

Every one of us needs to understand ourselves, identify our weaknesses, strengths, and uniqueness and use them to our advantage.

Once I understood this, I made up my mind that I was going to beat all the stereotypes, intentionally grow my visibility, and build a 360-brand that would leave a lasting positive impact on the lives of the people that I encountered.

One of the ways I did this was to invest in myself and develop the skills that I needed. I went back to study for a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and a diploma in Social Media Marketing after almost 15 years of being out of any formal education. I created an online radio station from our converted garage, where I broadcast my show “Arise with Eloho” every Monday to Thursday from 6:30 am to be able to reach a wider audience with my message of hope, inspiration, and positivity.

This online radio station reaches people worldwide and in a recent survey carried out by Savanta ComRes, the result showed that 3% of the UK population had listened to our online radio station Heartsong Live. If I wasn’t intentional about growing and building my brand, or showing up consistently despite all the stereotypes, we would not see this result today.

I also wrote a book “You are not everyone’s cup of Tea” to encourage women to stop doubting their potential and live a fulfilled life, and regain self-confidence and self-worth.

As a creative woman, business owner, solopreneur, entertainer, or brand, you may have struggled to fit in or tried to conform to the expectations about the types of products and services that you should offer, but this should not stop you from building your brand and stepping into your greatness.

The stereotypes will be there.

The business world is riddled with stereotypes, and to ensure that your business, brand, or service doesn’t go extinct, you need to deploy a holistic approach to marketing that includes your brand identity in your campaign activities so that you stay in touch (engage) and remain visible to your customers.

Adopting the 360 degrees approach means an all-around rigorous marketing effort at promoting your brand, making it impactful, visible, and accessible to customers via various channels.

The goal is to ensure that your business, brand, or service has a solid presence and consistent message across diverse channels – offline or online and connect with your customers wherever they are.

This way, it is easier for customers to recognise your brand and find you.

Everything you need to succeed in your business is right within you! The stereotypes are there yes, but it is your responsibility to look within, search and find them out so that you can truly live a fulfilled and impactful life.

Be determined to find and express YOU fully in your business. Embrace the 360-degree brand approach to stay visible and impactful.

I have had the honour to share my story at the Women’s Thrive Summit Mach 2022 sharing the things that helped me build a 360-degree brand that is not just visible but impactful in a way that honours who I am.

My name is Eloho Efemuai. I am a brand visibility coach, singer, speaker, author and radio broadcaster. I help creatives & women of faith to stop doubting their potential and unleash their inner confidence by beating the stereotypes, to create a 360-degree visible and impactful brand.

I run Scotland’s Number One Online Christian Radio station, Heartsong Live in Edinburgh. You can find me broadcasting words of inspiration every Monday to Thursday morning from 6:30 am.

As a professional singer who’s released two studio albums, I have attracted an equally impressive tribe, drawn to my soulful voice and positive messages. Across my social media channels, I have almost 60-thousand fans, who engage with me on a regular basis.

Achieving such impressive follower numbers within just a few years has meant that word has spread rapidly about my social media expertise and ability to inspire and empower women of faith to discover their true potential.

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, my desire is to add value to the lives of those I encounter, particularly women who struggle with a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, helping them break out of stereotypes to become the women they were designed to be.

Connect with Eloho Efemuai on:


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