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Yamarie Negron

Trauma Support Specialist & CEO of Namaste N’ Slay

Talk Title: Unstoppable: The Power of Cultivating a Resilient Mind

Trauma-Informed Women’s Empowerment Coach

Yamarie Negron is a Trauma-Informed Women’s Empowerment Coach, Certified Energy Practitioner and Canfield Success Principles Trainer. Yamarie founded Namaste N’ Slay — An empowerment brand that leverages a combination of science and spiritual principles to help self-determined women find purpose in their pain and thrive in spite of it. Her signature method “S.L.A.Y” is a self-mastery framework that stands for Stop, Look Underneath the Surface, Adopt a new narrative, and say Yes to the new you. As a women’s empowerment coach she helps women stuck on their transformation journey overcome the emotional and mental blocks that are holding them back from maximizing their full potential.

Yamarie Negron Talk: Unstoppable: The Power of Cultivating a Resilient Mind

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I’m loving this. This is so important to help us think of ways we can help ourselves and understand we do need other people to be there for us.

Debra Hamilton

I was surprised at the very beginning about how some characteristics of resiliency become our kryptonite. I saw a lot of my story in that statement

Kristin Lemaster

Thank you this was amazing

Kristena Thompson