Women Thrive Summit – Meet Our Speakers

Global Women Empowerment Event for Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Authors, Coaches, CEO’s & Experts

Our global network of speakers and their guests are here to connect, share stories, celebrate their achievements and create opportunities to rise and thrive in business.

Are you ready to RISE and THRIVE in 2022?

Join us for our exclusive Women Thrive event and connect with our Women Thrive Speakers and our global alumni, plus other special guests!

Be inspired and make new business friends as we get together to celebrate the end of the year in style. Whether you’re an existing member of our network or are new to Women Thrive, this is your chance to be part of this empowering global women event.


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Meet Our Women Thrive Summit Speakers

Speaker showcase events are held prior to our main Women Thrive Summit to give our audience the opportunity to meet our selected speakers and get to know them on a more personal level. This is a relatively intimate and personal experience both for speakers and attendees so you can enjoy close connections and get a feel for our community and events experience. 

Together we are making an impact

The Women Thrive events started in the middle of the pandemic when business owners were wondering how to survive in business. At the time we have just cancelled 6 of our first-time global expansion in-person events and retreats, and have had to figure it out. Not only did we figure it out but launched the Women Thrive Summit giving more than 70 speakers globally the stage to share their message and empower others to not only survive during the pandemic but also thrive.

So far we have hosted more than 4,000 attendees, over 70 speakers, have reached more than 10million views with our Women Empowerment message but also made the Women Thrive Summit our annual event. Held every March we are here to celebrate the strength, courage and achievements of women worldwide. In 2021 we have chosen to make impact not only around women empowerment but also around diversity and inclusion hosting speakers from various ethnic minorities, men, women and LGBTQ communities. Our work has been endorsed by various organisations, such as the Female Lead Charity as well as globally recognised as one of the #1 Motivational Speaker Les Brown. 



What can you expect from Women Thrive Events?

Women Thrive events are truly special – we take the time to select the most impactful speakers, understand their stories and ensure that our audience are not only inspired but able to walk away with impactful information and practical help. We include diverse activities, networking, collaboration, fun and games to make our events replicate real-life event experience and more. The Women Thrive is not just another event – it is a powerful community for women to thrive. 


Network and connect with like-minded entrepreneurial women from all all walks of life & from all around the world.

Be Inspired

Share stories and hear others of how they have overcome challenges and have been able to rise and thrive.


Find new ways and opportunities to grow your business and shift your mindset towards success for 2022.


Be empowered to live life on your own terms and create thriving business and a lifestyle you always wanted.

Raimonda is the founder and host of the Women Thrive Summit, that is hosted every year to mark Women’s History Month to empower women to thrive. Every year we celebrate and highlight the achievements of women globally.

Raimonda has built Women in Business Club est. 2017 as an inclusive platform and a global community for female entrepreneurs with an audience of over 600k.

Her journey of empowering women started when she had lost her own voice, confidence and identity due to trauma. As she regained her power back it has propelled her to not only become an international event host but also a powerful motivational speaker too. 

She regularly contributes to Swaay Media, Thrive Global, and other media outlets to share her insights about business, entrepreneurship and her mission on women empowerment. 

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