Women Thrive Speaker Applications

Women Thrive Speaker Applications 


Calling all Speakers, Coaches, Experts, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Authors and women who have powerful stories to impact others worldwide.

Speak at our global women empowerment event attracting 10,000 plus attendees. 

To celebrate Women’s History Month every March we host a 5 day virtual mega conference featuring speakers from all around the world, to empower, inspire and impact others to rise and thrive in business and life. 

Apply to be one of our featured speakers in 2023! 

This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your network, build new solid relations, collaborate with other entrepreneurs and thought leaders, gain massive global exposure and make an impact with your story and your voice.  

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Our Selection Criteria

Do you have a passion for women empowerment? Do you have a powerful story that you believe the world needs to hear? Do you have experience and credibility in your subject of expertise? Are you committed to follow through on the projects you undertake?

If you answered YES to all of the above, then we want to hear from you. 

We are looking for diverse speakers from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences. Speakers with powerful stories and strong mission to make an impact and help others achieve tangible results. 

Do you have to be an experienced speaker? No – but you must be credible person who has strong values and ethics. We dedicate 30% of our speaking opportunities to first time speakers and are on a mission to find new talent. 

What matters when we do our selection?

Submit your email below to receive our email application to your inbox. This is a necessary step to ensure you receive our future emails to notify you about your application progress. 



We represent you and you represent us, therefore we must ensure that people we represent and expose to our community are credible and trustworthy. 


We showcase you as an expert in your field, therefore your experience matters. Can you show that you have sufficient amount of experience in your area of expertise?

Your Story

We are looking for powerful stories that connect & inspire others. Stories create lasting impressions & help others resonate & experience something beyond just knowledge. 


Your full commitment is the key to making this events successful. When we choose our speakers we are looking for 100% dedication and commitment. 

Why our events are unique?

The Women Thrive events are unique and different to anything you have experienced before. Our focus is on community building and creating tight knit connections between speakers, and speakers to attendees. We take huge pride in our platform and our annual events, therefore we dedicate 3-6 months to curate our events and plan everything to fine detail.

As a speaker you can expect to be fully supported and highly engaged in the process of this event, as well as with fellow speakers and the community. You will be invited to participate in various speaker showcase events leading up to the event, promotional activities, social media lives, panel discussions, group mastermind meetings and other important media engagements. 

So far we have hosted more than 15,000 attendees, over 140 speakers, have reached more than 10million social media impressions and made a global impact in supporting and empowering women globally.  


What do you get as a speaker?

Every year we receive approx 300-800 speaker applications for the 30 available speaker slots that we have available at this summit, so our selection process is unique therefore you can expect to go through several steps in order to be selected as a speaker. Only your commitment and perseverance will help you be chosen as our speaker. 

As a speaker you get: 

– Access to the Women Thrive & Women in Business community for support and exposure 

– Promotion and spotlight opportunities to feature on our social media platforms with over 600k followers 

– Speaker coaching and support in preparation for this event helping you make the most out of this opportunity 

– Tight knit speaker’s community and speaker’s buddy system (partner with a fellow speaker who you get to work closely with) 

– Speaker’s promotional packet that includes your speaker graphics, promotional materials, swipe files and promo content

– Media exposure via our Women Thrive magazine and podcast that helps you build authority & visibility 

– Exposure to our community, email subscribers, social media followers and 

– Access to our media network and opportunity to pitch yourself to various press channels / podcasts 

– Guidance and support to help you elevate your authority and gain additional exposure 

– Opportunity to grow your email list and promote your products or services 

– Speaker assets, videos and other promo materials to help you land future speaking opportunities 


Request Speaker Application Form

Submit your email below to receive our email application to your inbox. This is a necessary step to ensure you receive our future emails to notify you about your application progress. 

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Selection Process

Application Reviews

You only have once chance to impress us so please make sure your application is filled out with care and attention and all fields are thoroughly filled in. Your application is what helps you advance to the next stage in the process which is interview with our founder Raimonda Jankunaite. We look forward to receiving your application.

Interview Via Zoom

Once we have reviewed your application we will let you know if you are invited for 1 hour interview call. During the interview we will take the time to get to know you, your story, values, goals and what makes you unique as a speaker. These calls may be recorded and used for decision making process. 


Selection and Enrolment

We have 30 available speaker slots for each event, so the selection process is tough. You can expect to hear from us within 3-7 days after your interview call. You will then need to follow the next steps to enrol as a speaker. Once you are enrolled you will get access to the speaker’s portal and other resources.

Please note: there is a cost associated to become a speaker that covers all administrative and production costs for the speaker promotional materials, exposure and overall marketing. The fee will depend on your social klout and your email subscribers list or ability to promote the event. We have a sliding scale pricing structure and affordable packages to suit you. 

Some of our past speakers at our summit

Meet the Women Thrive Founder and Your Event Host

Raimonda Jankunaite is the founder and host of the Women Thrive Media & the annual Women Thrive Summit, that is hosted every year to mark Women’s History Month to empower women to thrive. Every year we celebrate and highlight the achievements of women globally.

Raimonda has built Women in Business Club est. 2017 as an inclusive platform and a global community for female entrepreneurs and business founders. In just a short few years Raimonda has build a globally recognised brand and grown her community to over 600,000 followers worldwide.

Raimonda is a best selling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur and an expert in visibility and authority building. She helps other business founders become recognised and highly visible in their area of expertise and stand out as an authority in their niche.

Raimonda's passion is hosting events and helping other women become speakers and share their stories worldwide. She believes that there are not enough stages and media outlets that celebrate and spotlight women and their achievements, so Raimonda is on a mission to build a global media company and a platform for women to speak and share their stories, where they feel heard, celebrated and accepted. 

Her passion for speaking and empowering others stems from her own personal experience of loosing her voice, her identity and confidence due to trauma, now that she has overcome her own life challenges and found the power in her voice she wants to make sure that no other woman has to hide her light and shy away from speaking up and sharing her story.

Your story matters and the world needs to hear about it. 

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