Where To Find Public Speaking Opportunities For Speakers Step-By-Step Guide

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Most people wonder how public speaking can be turned into an opportunity since they perceive it as an ordinary way of giving a speech to the audience or a simple way of recording in front of a camera. However, several opportunities around us and within the internet enhance information presentation globally. To archive this, the author is supposed to passionately spread their ideas using various platforms such as event listing websites, Toastmasters and local organisations to create an impact in people’s lives. The author may also identify gigs that best resonate with the audience and present it using various platforms.

How and Where to Find Public Speaking Opportunities

Local organisations

Local organisations such as the Rotary Club or professional associations present great public speaking opportunities for the speakers since their content will easily trend by reaching a small number of people. The author is supposed to understand the calendar of events in a particular organisation and enquire if they have any guests in their upcoming event and if they do not have, the speaker may take up the chance and book to present his/her idea. Schools and colleges are also some of the local organizations an author may utilize for the speaking opportunity. The speaker may consult the relevant department if there are any upcoming events and book a slot to be the speaker at their event. This is a great opportunity since the author will get more credibility and experience as a speaker.

Event Listing Websites

The evolution of technology has brought about high utilization of the internet space such that 73% of event planners have moved to online event hosting thus creating great public speaking opportunities for speakers. As such, the author has a great opportunity of utilizing the event websites such as MeetUp or Eventbrite. These websites are essential to the author since they act as promotional tools that help in retaining the potential attendee interest and enticing them to register for the events. To fully archive this public speaking opportunity the speaker should ensure that the website has the event schedule in terms of the time it will be hosted, a brief highlight of what the attendee should expect, a customized registration form, and the frequently asked question that the attendees might pose. The author will be in a position to boost engagement, increase event attendance and collect valuable that that can improve their presentation.

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International plays an essential role to the author since it provides a platform that enables the speaker to build confidence and improve on their public speaking skills, thus being able to express themselves effectively. This platform provides a supportive and enjoyable environment by offering a local club meeting where each member practices their skills and gives their speech. This, in turn, provides a new world of public speaking opportunities for speakers and possibilities after the authors are well-equipped with knowledge on how to formulate and express their ideas respectively. The author is also exposed to an environment of other speakers who may be aware of other public speaking opportunities thus increasing their chance of networking.

Social media

Social media has become one of the largest used platforms globally with over 4.9 billion people out of 8 billion utilizing the space. As such, social media plays an important role in increasing the author’s presence and building the digital marketing strategy to promote their brand. With social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the author is in a position of building a community of audience thus increasing their level of engagement. 

The social media platforms will also help the authors in networking with professional speakers and sharing their expertise. Further, the author will also have the chance to join various groups of professional authors using hashtags which presents a great opportunity for the speaker to interact and collaborate with well-established professional speakers.

The authors need to remember that public speaking opportunities for speakers may not always be advertised and therefore it is important for the author to network by letting people know you are available to speak. The author is required to have a clear presentation topic and message that you can share with the potential hosts. 


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