Unleashing the Power of Women's Voices Signup -Oct 19

Women Thrive Event – Unleashing the Power of Women’s Voices

You’re invited to a groundbreaking event that celebrates and empowers women from all walks of life. 

Unleashing the Power of Women’s Voices is a one-of-a-kind experience designed to ignite your potential, amplify a diverse group of women’s voices, and inspire you to make a lasting impact in your personal and professional life. 

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will leave you feeling empowered, confident, and ready to thrive!

What makes this event different from others


Unleashing the Power of Women’s Voices is all about unlocking the extraordinary power within you! Through captivating stories, interactive networking sessions, and engaging discussions, you will leave with new tools, strategies, and mindset to overcome obstacles, shatter glass ceilings, and step into your full potential. 

Inspiring Speakers

Prepare to be inspired by an exceptional lineup of trailblazing women who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. From renowned entrepreneurs and industry leaders to first-time speakers, activists, and other women in business, each speaker will share their unique journey, insights, and wisdom, leaving you motivated and ready to take action.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded women who are passionate about personal growth, empowerment, and creating positive change. Expand your network, foster valuable connections, and build relationships that will support you in your personal and professional endeavors.

 Confirmed Women Thrive Summit Speakers 2024

Raimonda jan
Dawn Gaden
Sandra Baptist
Veronica Weedon
Veronica Weedon
Marci Hopkins
Veronica Cochran
Olusola Togun-Butler
Carmen Benton
Jacqueline Finnan Hemmer
Veronica Weedon
Hannah Roper
Melissa Rose
Veronica Weedon
Clare Garner
Tara Antler
Michele Parad
Christine Williams
Kay McCready
Laura Beddoe
Julie Jones
Chaitali Desai
Sandra Baptist
Bronwyn Bergen
Pauline Kirk
Kylie van Luyn
Hannah Roper
Poli Ševčíková
Clare Garner
Bev Jennings
Wanda Lovale
Shari Thompson
Kristen Elizabeth
Gabrielle Hayes
Tajni Diller
Keely Pierce
Nada Lyon
Cherie Rivas
Lauren Penny
Dr. Maria C Sheehan
Alison Begor
Jane Wareham
Leslie Stevens
Debra F. Bell
Julie C. Butler
Sarah Lloyd
Krystle Hearley
Krystal Jugarap
Kelly Keefe
Lauren Taylor

What really sets us apart is that we champion and embrace the power of diversity and inclusion. We strive to bring together women from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences by sharing their stories, perspectives, and ideas. We aim to foster a supportive and inclusive community that celebrates the unique strengths and voices of every woman. 

This event takes place every month, and you are invited to attend all of them! 

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be part of a movement that is revolutionizing the way women’s voices are heard and valued. Save your free spot now and embark on a transformative journey toward personal and professional empowerment. 

Together, let’s Unleash the Power of Women’s Voices and create a future where every woman can thrive and make a difference. 

Women Thrive Media Platform 

At Women Thrive, we have a full media platform that includes Women Thrive Magazine, Podcast and our annual summit. Our mission is to provide a platform that spotlights women and their stories and empowers more women to share their stories and voices with the world. Check out some of our media platforms below. 

Women Thrive Magazine
Women Thrive Podcast
Women Thrive Showcase Replays

Our Mission is to Support Women Globally

We have a holistic approach to business and life and through our summit we carefully curate our speakers and topics to give our attendees exposure to topics that will give them the opportunity to grow in business and personal life. Our focus is to create a supportive and safe community for all to connect, learn, explore, collaborate, share stories and grow.

Meet the Women Thrive Founder and Your Event Host

Raimonda Jankunaite is the founder and host of the Women Thrive Media & the annual Women Thrive Summit, that is hosted every year to mark Women’s History Month to empower women to thrive. Every year we celebrate and highlight the achievements of women globally.

Raimonda has built Women in Business Club est. 2017 as an inclusive platform and a global community for female entrepreneurs and business founders. In just a short few years Raimonda has build a globally recognised brand and grown her community to over 600,000 followers worldwide.

Raimonda is a best selling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur and an expert in visibility and authority building. She helps other business founders become recognised and highly visible in their area of expertise and stand out as an authority in their niche.

Raimonda's passion is hosting events and helping other women become speakers and share their stories worldwide. She believes that there are not enough stages and media outlets that celebrate and spotlight women and their achievements, so Raimonda is on a mission to build a global media company and a platform for women to speak and share their stories, where they feel heard, celebrated and accepted. 

Her passion for speaking and empowering others stems from her own personal experience of loosing her voice, her identity and confidence due to trauma, now that she has overcome her own life challenges and found the power in her voice she wants to make sure that no other woman has to hide her light and shy away from speaking up and sharing her story.

Your story matters and the world needs to hear about it. 

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