Meet Women Thrive Summit Speaker 

Tracy May

Love & Relationship Coach

Talk Title: Breaking The Cycle of Abuse Hiding In Plain Sight

Tracy May is the foremost expert in Toxic Love Recovery.  She is a Love & Relationship Coach empowering women to break free from toxic love patterns, narcissistic abuse and trauma to finally get the love they deserve and have a life full of joy, fun, connection, true intimacy and success.

She is a Recovered Toxic Love Addict, a Domestic Violence Survivor, a Women’s Empowerment and Trauma Informed Coach, an author, writer & speaker.

She overcame adversity in a childhood full of trauma and abuse only to find herself back in the trenches of abuse throughout her adult life, including a 20+ year narcissistic abusive marriage.

She supports women who feel invisible, powerless and unlovable go from barely surviving to thriving confidently and design the life they have always dreamed of.

Tracy’s coaching certifications, trainings & life experiences enable her to empower women through her Rise & Thrive private and group coaching programs.  She offers Breakthrough Sessions to start your healing journey at

Tracy fiercely believes in you and her loving, warm, and compassionate nature shines through while she supports you in conquering the entanglement of abuse.

Coaching changed her life forever, and she knows it can change yours, too.

Tracy May Talk: Breaking The Cycle of Abuse Hiding In Plain Sight.

Tracy May

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Entangled No More: Women Who Broke Free From Toxic Relationships Building Their Own Empires Paperback

Entangled No More: Women Who Broke Free From Toxic Relationships Building Their Own Empires Paperback

On it’s launch as an ebook recently Entangled No More became an Amazon No.1 Best Seller in 33 categories across in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and France.

Entangled No More is a collection of inspiring stories from women who have survived traumatising, toxic relationships throughout their lives – and are now thriving! Each woman discovered the power of innate wisdom and emotional intelligence and burst forth like a phoenix from the ashes. By creating boundaries and raising their standards, they were able to break free and help other women and men to do the same. They have built their own empires and refuse to settle for anything less than they deserve ever again. As a united force, they are consciously and courageously changing generational patterns of abuse that have been long-held in families and communities. These brave women are a part of the rising of the Divine Feminine… and so are you!

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