The Revolutionary Way to Develop Your Intuition for a Rich and Powerful Life

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Meet the Founder of The Revolutionary Way to Develop Your Intuition for a Rich and Powerful Life – Kim Woods  

Q: It’s an honour to speak to you today. Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you? 

Hi, I am Kim Woods, Author and The Intuitive Business Strategist. I combine ancient wisdom with tried-and-true business strategies to help business leaders achieve radical levels of satisfaction in every aspect of their lives. 

I begin by walking into your stars the minute you’re born to reveal your true life purpose and your unique signatures for success, love and money.  Through my healing methods and activation codes, I help you shed the expectations and conditioning of others and teach you how to develop your own intuitive knowing. Finally, I create a strategy for you and your business, so you realize your dreams of personal, professional and financial success.     

Q: You have decades of business experience to share, but we want to know how you’ve gotten where you are today. Will you share your story? 

I discovered the power of my intuition when I found out how little she Knew, Liked, and Trusted myself when my son was born with significant health issues. I had spent all of my time building a successful career based on someone else’s definition of success, I ultimately lost myself. The crisis with my son forced me to find myself again by relying on my knowing to defy the doctor’s predictions for my son’s mediocre quality of life, liking myself enough to marry ancient wisdom with western methods and not accept the doctor’s plan to merely work around the issues, and trusting myself to see my strategies through for eight years until I saw complete transformation. With my son currently thriving, I use what I learned to create powerful results for my clients. 

Q: What advice can you give aspiring female entrepreneurs?  

Listen to your intuition and make sure you have a strategy to reach your definition of satisfying success. Success looks different for everyone. You’re unique and your success model should be unique too. 

When you combine your intuition with strategy, you stop second guessing yourself and start making strong decisions; you stop comparing yourself to others and start blazing your own trail and you stop distrusting your value and start increasing your top and bottom lines. 

Q: What’s ONE book you recommend and why? 

‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek because you turn inward to figure out your passions and desires. Being an entrepreneur requires you to create a business out of thin air, which can be exhausting and frustrating at times. Your why provides the fuel to help you get back up and keep on going. 

It’s your inspiration.  

Q: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur? 

Be YOU. In difficult times, you may forget who you are and jump onto other’s methods of success.  This dilutes your brand and confuses the marketplace. It also reeks of falseness that turns off customers. I fell prey to this when I shifted from brick-and-mortar to an online business. I hadn’t figured out how to be authentic and engaging in posts and emails. I missed the in-person connections of networking events and meetings. Due to this, I shifted my approach to the typical tripwire, funnel process. What a mistake. I had a summer of utter fails and realized I needed to change my approach and fast! Thankfully, I began lives and videos to talk directly with my audience. This gave me time to figure out how to tell story and be engaging on posts and emails. 

Q: In terms of legacy, what’s the mark you’d like to leave on the world? 

I’m shifting the leadership paradigm to integrate the gifts of the feminine with the strengths of the masculine. My team and I are guiding business leaders to listen to their intuitive voice, so they live their true life purpose, stand in their unique power and achieve their infinite prosperity. Each and every leader touches hundreds other lives and the overall ripple effect creates an incredible impact. This is my legacy.

Kim Woods, Author & Intuitive Business Strategist, teaches high-performing entrepreneurs to Know, Like and Trust themselves, creating radical levels of satisfaction in every aspect of their lives.

Kim’s a highly sought-after business leader with countless master-level intuitive certifications paired with 25+ years of C- suite business experience.

She’s led 150+ corporate executives, overseen $65M+ in sales and influenced 300,000+ team members. Kim has an incredibly solid depth of field for combining business with intuition, creating shockingly transformative results. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies & $MM CEO’s to solopreneurs and creatives.


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