“Women in Business events are so different to any other events I have attended before, they feel like coming home to a tribe of women I have known all my life“

That is certainly true – because we are all united by the same ethos – to empower women to thrive, with the mindset of support and collaboration and help women learn how to start a business online. When you are in the room surrounded by like minded entrepreneurial women you feel like you arrived at a meet up with your best friends.

The energy is positive, uplifting and motivating and the whole experience is just magical. You are surrounded by women who are all passionate about how to start a business online. All excited to share what they do, they are ambitious, they are thriving, they are supportive, and kind. They are giving and inspiring to the core. They want to share their experiences and knowledge and they want to support each other.

It isn’t about competition – but it is about creating opportunities for women so they can also learn how to start a business online and run successful businesses all across the globe. It feels international but yet intimate, where you can have conversations and meet women you never knew existed. You may even meet your next mentor, business partner or business best friend. Most of the women at our events do, and become a life long friends.

Meet the Speakers


Meet some of our incredible speakers and get a sneak preview of their talks during this summit. You will love the knowledge and information the will have to share with you about how to start a business online and more! Click play on any of these videos