Spring Towards Your Soul Goal

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Spring Towards Your Soul Goal – Why now is the best time to set soul-aligned goals and how to achieve them with ease.

Spring is the season to set new goals and move into action.

While most people want to set resolutions at the start of the new year, that isn’t a good time for setting a new goal. Winter is the season to hibernate, rest, go within, and reflect. This is why New Year’s resolutions don’t stand a chance.

Instead, I use the energy of spring – of rebirth, rejuvenation, increasing energy levels, and warming temperatures – to set a soul goal.

It is only Q2 of 2022 and I am sure you have some big and amazing things you want to achieve this year – so how about we set some goals and stick to them with ease?

A soul goal is about you at a holistic level. It is about creating a goal that helps you to form a deeper connection with your innermost self and that supports you in your life’s journey.

It is about who you want to be and how you want to feel and less about a specific action or outcome that you are looking to achieve.”

For so many years, I would start the new year by setting a resolution to lose 10 pounds. Every January, I would join a new gym, buy new workout clothes, start exercising more and eat a salad twice a day. But after doing that for a few weeks (if I were lucky), I would just give up.

I wasn’t seeing results and I didn’t want to keep up the strict routine that I set for myself. Every time, I would feel like I failed. That new year’s resolution would be out the window before January was even over.

Then I tried shifting the idea of losing weight to be more holistic and better reflect a feeling of improved health that I want more of in my life.

I set a soul goal to live in an abundance of health and wellness.

Sounds so much better right?

Instead of just focusing on moving a number on a scale now I was focused on my health and wellness expanding, improving and becoming my lifestyle.

To support my soul goal, I created a list of actions that I could take each and every month.

For the first month, I focused on simply going for a walk each day.

Next month, I added in learning to prepare 1- 2 healthier food options. The month after that, I would try a new yoga class.

Each month I would add something small into my days that supported my soul goal.

By the end of the year, I was able to piece all those small things together and guess what I found? I had made real shifts in my life that supported the soul goal that I set for myself.

These days, I create soul goals to support my creative pursuits, my relationships, my finances and so many other aspects of my life.

By formulating a soul goal, I give myself a focal point or anchor that shifts my mindset and my actions towards what I wish to bring more of into my life slowly and easily versus one big quick fix that may or may not stick.”

Now it’s your turn. What soul goal do you want to set?

What shifts or small actions can you take each month to support this soul goal? Harness the energy of the season to spring this soul goal into action and watch all that happens once you do!

 Deepika Sandhu is a Silicon Valley based Business Executive, Author of ‘Hello Universe, It’s Me’ and Inspirational Speaker at the Women Thrive Summit an annual Women Empowerment event. Deepika’s mission is to inspire busy, hard-working professionals to go from overwhelmed, demotivated, burnt out and exhausted to living a life that is balanced, fulfilled and joyful in every way. https://deepikasandhu.co/


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