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Sheba Wilson

Sheba Wilson

Founder & CEO / Group Director of Human Resources

Talk Title: Girl, Get Up & LEAD

Sheba Wilson is the Bestselling Author of the book, Get Up & LEAD – Live Everyday Above Defeat. She is also the CEO of Sheba Wilson Consultancy LLC and Sheba Wilson Training Ltd, providing human resources solutions, consultancy, leadership development, executive coaching and corporate training services. She is also founder of She LEAD HR Solutions, providing a streamlined and automated application tracking software for recruitment and onboarding employees.

Sheba is a Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach and an Executive Director of the Maxwell Leadership Team, a DISC trainer and consultant and certified in creating Leadership Development Programs from the Association of Talent Development.

Sheba is founder and host of SheWil LEAD, a podcast turned sponsored radio show, which speaks to the heart and soul of women in leadership, the unique challenges they face and how they can be empowered to overcome them. This platform is a medium by which women are inspired, encouraged and empowered to live above their circumstances.

A thought leader, she has also co-authored Voices for Leadership along with 39 other leaders throughout the globe.

Sheba Wilson Talk: Girl, Get Up & LEAD

There was a time when I was sinking in grief and loss. Seven years ago I lost my best friend and two months later, my husband. Widowed with young children, I felt a sense of hopelessness and despair. I couldn’t see beyond my circumstances and I felt stuck and afraid.

We have a tendency to allow adversity and disruption in our lives to control the way we think, how we live and our ability to move forward. Our mindset surrounding adversity causes us to stay stagnate instead of living with G.R.I.T – Growth, Resilience, Intentionality & Tenacity.

Have you ever experienced loss or failure that left you debilitated? Then this talk is for you. You will come away being able to:

    1. Identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs
    2. Gain clarity and confidence about designing your life’s vision
    3. Take actionable and intentional steps to living a life you will love and enjoy
    4. Inspired, Encouraged and Empowered to LEAD – Live Everyday Above Defeat!

This talk will equip you with powerful, practical insights and instructions that when applied will help you L.E.A.D (Live Everyday Above Defeat) a life of great success and significance.

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“Sheba is an exceptional speaker – her many years of experience and wisdom bring the audience a wealth of insight, inspiration, and personal reflection. During the Women Thrive Summit 2023, where Sheba was one of our VIP Speakers, she delivered a powerful talk that brought true transformation and engagement with the audience. Sheba’s talk truly stood out as she was able to inspire the audience and help them move towards taking action. You are guaranteed to leave her talk with easy-to-remember analogies and feel fired up about life and life’s purpose. I would highly recommend Sheba for your next event, workshop, or training. On a personal note, working with Sheba in the co-production of our global women’s empowerment event was an absolute pleasure, and I am eternally grateful for her contribution.”

– Raimonda Jankunaite, Founder of Women Thrive Summit

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Excellent presentation Sheba, congratulations 🎊 👏 💐

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This was amazingly done Sheba 649!!!! So proud of and to know you


Excellent presentation, Sheba. Very well done.

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Great presentation Sheba. You have represented Turks and Caicos Islands very well but most importantly you have inspired women to get up and lead. This was awesome 💃💃💃

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