The Secrets of Making Authentic Sales 

Is your diary filled with prospective leads who are excited to jump on a discovery call to work with you? If not (yet) then come and join us as we explore the art of sales, follow up and booking your next high-ticket client in your business. 

Time to book those sales calls! 

Are You ready to finally book those high-converting sales calls? 

This month we are uncovering one of the least talked about subjects online – the power of sales calls. In this theme, you will learn all about prospecting online to encourage people to sign-up for your sales calls, how to prospect and identify your ideal clients, wasting less time on calls that do not convert.

How to pre-qualify your leads and have winning follow up strategy to close your prospects into clients.

And finally, we are featuring the FIRST male expert in our Club, to help you land your first or next high paying client for your business.

Are you READY? Save your spot on these 3 epic LIVE workshops. 

Upcoming Workshops

How to Get Your Leads onto Sales Calls

Do you want YOUR diary booked with sales calls from warm leads who are READY to buy from you?

The secret to Consistent Income is a consistent flow of leads and prospects who are booking calls with you to explore the opportunities of working with you.

But, is your funnel working for you and bringing in new leads every day?

If not, join this upcoming masterclass and learn how to fill your diary with warm leads who are pre-qualified ideal clients and are ready to buy from you.

In this masterclass you will learn:

– How to prospect for sales leads who book calls with you

– How to graciously invite people onto discovery calls with you

– How to pre-qualify your leads so you are not wasting time

– How to ensure your prospect is ready to buy when they jump on the call with you

Ready to learn? Save your spot today!

This masterclass is hosted by Raimonda Jan, the serial entrepreneur, mentor and business coach. She is the founder of the Women in Business Club and over the last few years has mentored thousands of women in helping them start and grow their own successful businesses online.

The Art of Follow Up After a Sales Call

While it’s great to get a YES!! on a sales call…what if they need to “talk to their spouse or partner” or they just want a few days to think?

Then what?

This is when your follow up game can either make or break the sale. We’re going to spend 30 minutes going over exactly what you need to do, say, and send to increase your close rate and become a follow-up queen.

If you’re struggling with closing, you don’t want to miss this super immersive training – it will change the way you sell forever.

Breanna Gunn is a messaging and funnel specialist, working with business owners and entrepreneurs to create messaging and processes that inspire loyalty, momentum, and action that leverages trust, authenticity, and profitability.

Brea uses her more than 10 years of experience with customer service and marketing to uncover the gaps in messaging that lead to lower conversions and plugs them through customized systems, structures, and processes that are bolstered by copy that converts.

The EASIEST (and quickest) Way To Land Your Next High-Paying Client

ShawnQ helps extraordinary clients create world-class businesses through high-ticket sales. 

He is the creator of Clients With Purpose, one of the top sales programs for coaches, consultants and service providers in the industry, and the creator of the One Client Away challenge, a 5-day challenge to help you land your next (or first) high-paying client in just 5 days.

He coaches the powerful, the inspirational, the motivated, and the disciplined. He works with world-class, inspiring high-achievers to do what even they think is impossible.

His job is to remind you of the extraordinary possibility you have to change and shape the world through your business… one conversation, one relationship at a time.

He believes income is a result of impact, legacy is greater than luxury, and people are more important than profits.

What started with a simple “I can’t afford to attend your business conference, but I can help move chairs…” email turned into an incredible journey where ShawnQ has had the opportunity to work with Ryan Deiss, Michael Stelzner, Rachel Pedersen, Jaime Cross, and a host of other wildly successful believers.

Want to become more confident in sales? Grab this FREE workbook. 

If you are looking to level-up your sales confidence and skills, there is a bonus workbook for you to get started with. 

We can not wait to see you crushing your sales goals this month and building consistent income in your business. 

You got this, Queen! 




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