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Talk Title: Discover the 3 Ways Intuitive Strategy Makes You Millions

Kim Woods, MBA and Evolutionary Astrology Master, also known as the Intuitive Business Strategist, teaches high-performing entrepreneurs to Know, Like and Trust themselves, creating radical levels of satisfaction in every aspect of their lives.

Kim’s a highly sought-after business leader with countless master-level intuitive certifications paired with 25+ years of C- suite business experience. She’s led 150+ corporate executives, overseen $65M+ in sales and influenced 300,000+ team members. Kim has an incredibly solid depth of field for combining business with intuition, creating shockingly transformative results. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies & $MM CEO’s to solopreneurs and creatives.

Her revolutionary question of Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself is the perfect thread that weaves intuition with success. Kim expertly pairs the ancient wisdom of astrology and sacred healing modalities with modern techniques delivered through simple and practical methods. She turns the well-known marketing concept of the Know, Like, Trust factor inside out, so instead of helping customers to Know, Like and Trust you, YOU Know, Like and Trust yourself. Tapping into this inner knowing allows you to create highly sought-after personal, professional, and financial triumph.

Kim Woods Talk: Discover the 3 Ways Intuitive Strategy Makes You Millions

Kim Woods Women Thrive Summit

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Kim Woods Women Thrive Magazine
Kim Woods Women Thrive Magazine
Kim Woods Women Thrive Magazine

As seen in the Women Thrive Magazine in March 2022

Kim Woods Oracle Cards

The Magic of the Intuition Oracle Cards

Seeking to attract more money into your life?

Trying to make a decision about whether to take action or wait?

Want to know whether to launch or not?

Now, you can use the oracle cards to connect to your intuition for answers to your pressing questions about your life and business.


  • 48 Oracle Cards 4×6
  • 140-page guide book with channelled messages, descriptions and practical tips & intuitive tools
  • Custom card spreads to develop your intuitive gifts
  • A beautiful box to keep your cards protected
  • Video tutorial on how to use your cards for those quick answers or deeper readings


“Kim Woods is an engaging and brilliant speaker with a wealth of knowledge and expertise on topics of online learning and passive income. Her contribution has been very much recognised within the Women Thrive Summit as she actively engaged in our group discussion panels as well as co-hosting speaker showcase events. She is a fantastic person to work with and is always full of valuable and creative ideas and is willing to contribute and support others.”

– Raimonda Jankunaite, Founder of Women Thrive Summit

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