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Sally Prosser

Holistic Voice & Public Speaking Coach

Talk Title: The Key to Crack the Confidence Code – Your Voice!

Sally Prosser is a voice and public speaking coach with 12 years of experience in media, including TV and radio news reporting and PR – acting as spokesperson for one of Australia’s largest water companies.

She helps professionals and business owners speak with confidence – from stepping on stage to speaking on podcasts to showing up online and in the boardroom.

Sally is also a TEDx Speaker coach helping thought leaders present their big idea with impact.

In 2020 she was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year for PR & Media in Queensland and has a TikTok following of more than 350K.

Sally Prosser Talk: The Key to Crack the Confidence Code – Your Voice!

Sally Prosser

Meet Sally Prosser via Our Women Thrive

Podcast and Social Media Interview

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“Sally Prosser is a phenomenal speaker who took the role of opening our global Women Thrive Summit 2023 as an opening speaker and delivered a powerful keynote presentation. With powerful storytelling techniques, she captivated the audience, helped them see the possibilities, and inspired them to move. She is a highly engaging speaker who is able to deliver a transformative talk for diverse audiences.”

– Raimonda Jankunaite, Founder of Women Thrive Summit

Sally’s talk was so insightful and filled with techniques. She was energetic and so knowledgeable. She held my attention throughout her presentation and I was able to implement a few takeaways into my own speaking.

Sheba W.

This woman is so damn good at what she does

Summit Participant

The power of using your voice to share your story was on display. That was amazing Sal

Summit Participant

It was mind-blowing wow thank you

Summit Participant

Thank you for sharing your story, Sally, so many women will feel your pain and empowerment!

Summit Participant