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Michelle Kvello


Talk Title: How to make a confident leap from a corporate career into consulting to achieve the career of your dreams

Michelle Kvello is the founder of Lantern Partners, a virtual CFO firm, working with founder CEOs of start-ups and scale-ups.  She has a personal love of driving entrepreneur success because early in her career she realised there was a need for founders to have access to good commercial and strategic financial support. Often the health and hygiene compliance work was sorted, but the missing piece of the puzzle was the partnering support to help the business really grow.  She founded Lantern Partners with the vision of being that partner.  

This year she launched her Corporate to Consultant programme, a practical guide through the key building blocks in making a successful move.  Think of it as your 10 year head start.

Recently named one of the top 50 Women in Accounting (2021) and top 50 Small Business Leader (2022), she is passionate about using her voice and her stories to support women in the industry, as well as small businesses and individuals moving from corporate roles into their consulting dream.  She hates the idea of people feeling “stuck” whether professionally or in business when the information she shares could unlock that! 

Michelle Kvello Talk: How to Make a Confident Leap from a Corporate Career into Consulting to Achieve the Career of Your Dreams

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“Thanks to Michelle, for her dedication and commitment – she was featured as a VIP Speaker at the Women Thrive Summit 2023. She consistently delivered incredible value and contributed to the community, the stage and our Women Thrive Magazine. She is very relatable as a speaker and offers practical insights from her years of experience that the audience finds easy to connect with and gain value. Highly recommended if you are looking for a credible, experienced, trustworthy speaker and expert for your events and corporate training or consulting.”

– Raimonda Jankunaite, Founder of Women Thrive Summit