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Marina Beech

Marina The Soul Alchemist

Talk Title: 3 Essential Steps To Creating Business Success Using The Akashic Records

Marina supports female entrepreneurs, impact leaders and creatives to reconnect to their divine soul gifts and clear past life karmic blocks, empowering them to experience deep transformational life and business breakthroughs.

Marina experienced the positive impact of The Akashic Records after she witnessed her own profound healing several years ago, it was through this catalyst that she went on her own journey to discover what the Records were and how she could offer the same positive change to her soul led clients today.

Marina Beech is The Soul Alchemist, a Spiritual Intuitive, Teacher, Author and founder of The Akashic Code Training Academy who uses the Akashic Records and pendulum to support her clients discover their divine gifts and soul identity. When we know who we are at soul level we can realign our choices to create a more abundant life filled with joy, flow and possibility. 

Marina Beech Talk: Essential Steps To Creating Business Success Using The Akashic Records

Marina Beech

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