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Manja Horner 

Education Consultant, Speaker & Facilitator

Manja is an ex-corporate learning experience designer with degrees in Business and Education. After almost 20 years as a facilitator and curriculum designer, Manja has become a fun and friendly trusted advisor to entrepreneurs who are growing and adding educational offers and services to their business.

Manja’s Talk: Passive Income with Integrity: Create Value-Based Learning Solutions

Manja Horner
Manja Horner

Meet Manja Horner via Our Women Thrive

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Manja Horner

10 Activities in Under 10 Minutes

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Your Greatest Work Podcast

I’m your host, Manja Horner. This is Your Greatest Work Podcast, the show for course creators who want to become a recognized experts in their field.

You will find this podcast helpful if you know that your course or program is good, but you want to figure out how to fine-tune it to be your greatest work! In every episode, I’ll bring you insider information experiences from the best learning strategists, trainers and designers in the world. With some tweaks and smart design and program delivery, you can have better completion rates, and more referrals and be proud of your business legacy.


“Manja is an engaging and brilliant speaker with a wealth of knowledge and expertise on topics of online learning and passive income. Her contribution has been very much recognised within the Women Thrive Summit as she actively engaged in our group discussion panels as well as co-hosting speaker showcase events. She is a fantastic person to work with and is always full of valuable and creative ideas and is willing to contribute and support others.” 

Raimonda Jankunaite

Founder of Women Thrive Summit