Meet Women Thrive Summit Speaker 

Lorna Jayne

Lorna Jayne

Energy Expert for High Level Leaders

Talk Title: Why Energetic Alignment Is The Secret Tool To Uplevelling In Your Business

Lorna is an Energy Expert, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master teacher, Advanced Theta Practitioner and an NLP Mindset Coach for High Level Leaders and Healers.

Lorna Jayne has been in business for over 9 years and has certified and trained in various coaching and healing modalities, which gives her an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the mind, body and soul connection.

Her various roles help to support women feeling safe in their feminine flow and become confident in realising their control through intuitive connection and healing.

In recent years, Lorna has up-levelled her psychic gifts and is channelling powerful energetic activations to raise your vibrational frequency and consciousness.

Lorna has been featured in publications such as Fabulous Magazine byThe Sun Newspaper, Elastic FM radio, Business Up North, The Business desk and more. Lorna has also been featured as a guest on podcasts andbeen awarded Amazon Best Selling Author.

As the founder of Energy Ignite Global Mass Healing Membership and the Certified Reiki Academy, she has a clear vision to create a positive impact on Earth through healing.

Her own personal journey from hospitalisation to mastering energy will show you how creating awareness about the connection between your emotions and your energy is so important during this virtual summit.

Lorna Jayne Talk: Why Energetic Alignment Is The Secret Tool To Uplevelling In Your Business


You are a High-Level Leader of Light with A Desire to Create A Positive Impact on Earth..

But something feels out of whack.

o   You’ve heard of ENERGY ALIGNMENT and the mind/body connection, but you don’t exactly know what it means?

o   You get stuck in a PRAGMATICAL way of thinking and unable to switch off?

o   You stare for hours at an empty notebook or laptop, seeking inspiration but yet nothing flows?

o   You feel uninspired, second questioning every move and waiting for PayPal notifications that show you’ve been paid?

All of these are symptoms of ENERGY MIS-ALIGNMENT!

As a Woman in Business, your ENERGY is key to your success. Everything is ENERGY. You are ENERGY and everything you do has an ENERGETIC vibration.

When you are out of energetic alignment, you become the bottleneck of your business. You suffocate your natural ENERGETIC FLOW and momentum. You subconsciously create a ‘stop-start energy’ and things feel hard. You question everything, overthink and you search outside of yourself for answers.

In order to UPLEVEL in your business and create a positive IMPACT, you have to become the MASTER of your ENERGY. You have to know how to ACTIVATE your energetic vibration and FLOW to create success.

The code behind energy alignment is about knowing how to lead, rise and be fully in your ENERGETIC power.

When you are in FLOW, you become a beacon of light for your soul-aligned clients. You feel deeply connected to your soul’s mission and purpose. People are magnetically drawn to your frequency. You surrender to the hustle. You lean back and things flow with ease. You tune in to the whispers of your soul and create potent offers in alignment with your soul’s calling.

In this energetic uplifting talk, Lorna Jayne will be sharing the juicy secrets behind Energy Alignment and WHY it’s the secret tool to up-levelling in your Business.

You’ll Learn How To:

– Create An Aligned Business That Sets Your Soul On Fire

-Master Your Personal Energetic Frequency For Success

-Open Your Third Eye To Channel Irresistible Offers In Business

-Surrender In The ‘Void’ and Be Open To Receiving

You’ll also experience a powerful energetic practice to ACTIVATE a higher frequency of light, so if you are a Woman Ready To Anchor In Your Next Up-level, Click REGISTER to join us! You do not want to miss this!

Lorna Jayne

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Lorna Jayne

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Are you struggling to write content, not feeling inspired and just staring at a blank page?
Are you constantly and desperately checking DM’s & PayPal for money coming in?
Are you doubting yourself before every sales call, Instagram post or launch?

These are signs of Business ENERGY blocks.


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