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Laura Foster

Laura Foster

Professional Speaker & Life and
Leadership Coach

Talk Title: Fall Back in Love with Your Work

As a Life and Leadership Coach for Entrepreneurs and Executives, Laura works with creative leaders who are eager to change their relationships with their work and their lives.
She spent over 25 years in corporations in creative roles, mainly in leadership, and she has founded several companies, including a nonprofit in Ethiopia.
With over 20 years’ experience speaking, leading workshops, and facilitating groups inside and outside of organizations, Laura has coached clients in leadership levels at companies such as HBO, NBC, Netflix, Media Arts Lab, Visa, and Google.
Laura has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Making Spaces Podcast, The Life Skills that Matter Podcast, and is an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine.
With a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and as a graduate of University of Santa Monica’s Professional Coaching Program, Carolyn Freyer-Jones Coaching Success School, and the Inner MBA, Laura is passionate about helping professionals and business leaders find more joy, more enthusiasm, and more fulfillment in their work, which positively impacts every other area of their lives.
Laura lives in sunny Southern California and is a proud pet mom to a very spoiled French Bulldog.


Laura Foster Talk: Fall Back in Love with Your Work

This talk is for you if you’re a leader who’d like to find more enthusiasm, meaning, and satisfaction in your current role and/or to inspire your team to do the same. 

Far too many of us as women were told, “You can do anything you want.” Or perhaps, “Find a career you love, and money and joy will follow.” When this doesn’t happen, we become frustrated and dissatisfied, which lately has been fueled by the lingering pressures of a pandemic, increased workplace demands due to a worker shortage, and now an impending recession with likely layoffs across multiple industries and sectors.

According to a recent Gallup poll, over 70% of employees globally are disengaged with their work. As leaders, increasing work engagement in both ourselves and our employees will be key to navigating this next year of business.

If you’ve ever sat at your desk and wondered, how did I get here? Is this what I want? Is this all there is? Or if you’ve felt yourself coasting in your current role and know that you want more meaning and satisfaction in your work, this talk will help you re-envision work as an opportunity for professional and personal growth. You will learn how to take responsibility for yourself and your team, shift your professional communication, and empower yourself to be the leader you were meant to be. 

You will leave understanding how to re-engage with your career so you can possess more energy, improve professional relationships, make more impact, and position yourself for additional career advancement.

Laura Foster

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I work with clients 1:1, and I lead a group program for women called Women Who Want More. I also facilitate work inside organizations with teams. Fees start at $5,000


Powerful and emotional presentation Laura

Kordell Campbell-Forbes

Thank you, Laura! Great prompts to help us with reflecting on steps to take toward change.

Shayda Gergory

Thank you Laura, great & inspiring info for self reflection.

- Patricia

Very inspiring presentation Laura! Thank you

Maryam Nassirbegli

Thank you for sharing yourself with everyone today Laura.