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Kristin Lemaster

Kristin Lemaster

Intuitive Strategist, Energy Coach & Founder

Talk Title: Spirit-Led Success: Dissolve the Disconnect Between Your Spirituality & Your Life

Kristin is an energy coach and founder of Soulful Navigation®, where she strives to help busy people who are exhausted, deeply unfulfilled, and caught in a self-improvement cycle get unstuck and learn to use their energy to create more time, ease, opportunities, & vitality so they can focus on the things that matter most.  

She started off as a scientist and an engineer who went on to study more than 30 energy modalities over the last 20 years.  She is certified in many evidence-based programs, her favorites being Reconnective Healing®, Intuition Medicine®, the Bengston Method®, the Energy Codes®, and written Light Language.  

Kristin uses energy to create the life of her dreams every day.  At the start of her journey, she healed her physical body from unexplained chronic symptoms and overcame infertility challenges to have two beautiful children.  She also used her energy to acquire her dream home below the asking price and without competition, which was nothing short of a miracle in the San Francisco cut-throat real estate market.  She also loves to use her energy to help her find parking spots, coordinate her children’s sports schedules, and even attract pets that are perfect fits for her family.

But nothing compares to the honor of witnessing her clients create their lives with energy.  They’ve healed from disease, discovered their life’s purpose, repaired relationships, and found dream homes of their own. 

Kristin’s mission is to condense her extensive energy knowledge and experience into simple and easy-to-understand practices that anyone can implement.  Her signature program “Practical Energy SOULutions” is a powerful and efficient series of energy practices that she has validated and found to be the most impactful for helping people create their best lives with their energy. 

She also strives to nourish a supportive and inclusive community where people work on their personal and spiritual growth together.  

Kristin is also passionate about sharing tips and training for developing new energy habits, which she has found to be the missing link to lasting transformation.  

In addition, she developed her own app, Soulful Navigation®, to give people the independence to explore their energy in a fun and efficient way for years to come.  She provides a rich selection of free introductory content on the app to get people started on their energy adventures, including meditations, a Masterclass, podcasts, live discussions, and a mini-course called “What is Energy?

Saving people the time, money, overwhelm, and loneliness that it took her to tap into the power of her energy is the heart of her business.

Kristin Lemaster Talk: Spirit-Led Success: Dissolve the Disconnect Between Your Spirituality & Your Life 

You can unlock the next level of your career, your life, and your impact on the world when you tap into the wisdom of your spirit.

And now more than ever, the world needs all of us to strengthen the alignment between our spiritual nature and our actions. We are in the midst of both a spiritual crisis and a spiritual awakening. Together, we can tip the scales toward progress, all while experiencing greater success in our lives.

But letting your spirit lead can be overwhelming, challenging, and disheartening. And it is especially hard to figure out how to get started.

The heart of Kristin’s mission is to identify and share the most impactful and efficient practices that help us connect our spirituality with our daily lives.

Kristin began her career as a scientist and engineer when her health started to deteriorate. She suffered from unexplained chronic symptoms and couldn’t shake the exhaustion of life. But she kept on trying to create positive change by putting in more physical, mental, and emotional effort, which only made things worse.

This sparked 20 years of spiritual adventures that helped her to figure out that she could have a greater impact on the world in an easier and more fulfilling way when she let her spirit do the “work”.

After studying more than 30 energy modalities, she has identified a collection of “Spiritual Shortcuts” that can help you to truly express your spirituality in the world and enhance your life. And she’s excited to share some of them with you.

During the presentation, you will:

  • Learn about the surprising paradox of spiritual work that lets you get more done with less effort
  • Discover a new approach to life that lets you easily align your actions with your energy and spirituality
  • Hear about the #1 secret that can help you accelerate your personal & spiritual growth
  • Experience a unique practice that can bring ease and fulfillment into your life immediately
  • Magnify your positive impact on the world by exploring simple energy techniques that anyone can use

Be sure to add this talk to your calendar and bring a post-it note and a pen. We hope you join us as we all take our next steps on our spiritual journey.

Kristin Lemaster

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Practical Energy SOULutions: Effective & Efficient Spiritual Practices for an Easy & Fulfilling Life

Practical Energy SOULutions: Effective & Efficient Spiritual Practices for an Easy & Fulfilling Life”- $2,497 

A 90-Day Community-Based Program to Get Unstuck & Gain More Time, Opportunities and Vitality So You Can Focus on What Matters Most

Have more by doing less when you work with your energy


That was very nurturing! Thank you Kristin

Kawtar El Alaoui

I felt tingles and at the end I saw what I always experience every time I do one of this exercises. My purpose.

Mubo Ojo

It has given me a push that I need to REALLY align with my spiritual self, thank you so much x

June Staff

Thanks Kristin- I needed this reset today. I have a packed schedule and was getting ahead of myself—too much future tripping. I’m back to home center thanks to you💜💜

Angela Marie

It’s a truly amazing program! Thank you Kristin!

Tracey Quezada

Beautiful thanks so much xx

Lorna Jayne