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Kawtar El Alaoui

Founder & CEO, Conscious Togetherness, Inc.

Talk Title: Purpose-Led Leadership: How Your Purpose Heals You And Changes The World.

Kawtar El Alaoui, LL.B, PCC is the #1 best-selling author of Unfolding Peace, 9 Leadership Principles to Create Cultures of Well-being, Belonging, and Peace. Her work supports conscious leaders and organizations to become powerful change agents by bridging purpose, whole-brain leadership, and effective strategy in service to a better and more prosperous world, while increasing well-being, flow within teams, and communication. She is a multi-award winning consultant, coach and facilitator. Kawtar’s leadership model is unique in its adaptability to different cultural contexts, is trauma-informed, and equity driven. Kawtar is a Trained True Purpose®️Coach, Faculty & Mentor with Leadership That Works India & Co-host of the Gathering of Change Agents with the True Purpose®️Institute.
She is the Founder & CEO of Conscious Togetherness, Inc..

Kawtar El Alaoui Talk: Purpose-Led Leadership: How Your Purpose Heals You And Changes The World.

Kawtar El Alaoui

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Kawtar El Alaoui

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1 hour complimentary Session with Kawtar: Stop Forcing Change, Start Unfolding. This hour is to support you to overcome stuckness in any area of your leadership so you can be a more powerful change agent.


Kawtar your words are always a healing soak. Thank you!

Eliane Fierro

Thank you – inspiring talk and serendipitous for me in the messages you shared.

Tira Aouad

So beautiful & inspiring!

Ashley Barnes

Thank you, you shine with wisdom and confidence. That’s what’s missing in your earlier photos.

Erin Harrington