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Jessica Weaver

Jessica Weaver

Best Selling Author and CEO of the Women’s Wealth Boutique

Talk Title: How to build your Money Empire!

Jessica Weaver is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who focuses her work on women. She is the best selling author of 3 books: Strong Woman Stronger Assets, Time to Refine, and Confessions of a Money Queen. Jessica took it upon herself to create a financial firm for women, the Women’s Wealth Boutique after struggling for a decade to fit into a male dominated industry. Now she has female financial advisors located throughout the United States.

Jessica Weaver Talk: How to build your Money Empire!


Learn how to build your own Money Empire by creating multiple streams of income, tap into your power source, and grow your worth by utilizing these 3 strategies. Most women are blocking their wealth because of previous trauma or issues with their money. By healing your relationship with money, you will uncover your power source to bring more wealth into your life than ever before. You will learn the money systems to put this new wealth to work and build more income into your business. This allows you to gain trust in yourself and money, which is the most important part of your relationship with money: trust. Lastly, you will be able to live a financially independent life by having multiple streams of income coming to you that are not dependent on you working more hours or selling more services. You can give money back, donate, or improve your community around you. You will live on a new level of wealth and be able to show your family, and future generations how to leap to new levels of wealth quicker, and with ease.


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Get FREE access to the audiobook version of Confessions of a Money Queen!

Money is an energy, an energetic exchange, and it is always circulating around you. Knowing this you can shift from scarcity mode to abundance mode instantly. You haven’t missed your chance with wealth, it is always there waiting for you to call it into your life.


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