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Helen Ferguson

Specialist Trauma Therapist

Talk Title: Rising Beyond Trauma Through Self Compassion & Self Acceptance

Helen Ferguson, Specialist Trauma Therapist, has been a clinical expert in Childhood Trauma, Cptsd & Sexual Abuse Recovery for 24 years. As a Psychotherapist and expert in trauma healing Helen guides entrepreneurial business women to emotional & psychological freedom from the trauma holding them back from embodying their true selves in their business, relationships & life.

Her therapeutic expertise, including EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal, Family Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Inner Child Healing, & Internal Family Systems therapy, supports women to disentangle themselves from the impact of their trauma and become the central hub of their own life, re-connecting with the confident, courageous, compassionate, empowered women they truly are.

She supports women to make empowered choices so aligned with themselves that they understand they are not a subject of their past but in control of their future. She is a true listener and change maker for women, empowering them to put themselves first safely knowing it doesn’t mean they’re neglecting everything else around them.

As the founder of The Heart of Healing Trauma ®️Helen has guided thousands of women home to the safe relationships with themselves, no longer fearful of the past and acknowledging the healing journey within themselves to self acceptance and self compassion.

Helen Ferguson Talk: Rising Beyond Trauma Through Self Compassion & Self Acceptance

What if you are already enough?

In this inspiring and empowering talk, Helen will be sharing with you that it’s all inside you already, as she takes you on an extraordinary experience of connecting deeply with the beautiful woman you are and giving her a little more self-compassion and self-acceptance. She shows you how to rise beyond the trauma you have experienced and BE the woman no longer defined by the “what if’s” of her past. 

“What if I’m not good enough?”

“What if I didn’t have to pretend I wasn’t overwhelmed, so people don’t think I’m a failure?”

“What if I didn’t have to fit in and could embrace my faults?”

“What if I didn’t feel like I was ‘faking it’ in my business?”

“What if I get found out?”

What if you didn’t feel that everything you’ve created, everything you’ve built in your life could come crashing down at any moment? 

You will all have your own ‘what if’s’…and you’ve been carrying them with you since childhood, they’ve glued themselves to you through past traumas and lived experiences, taking hold of your emotions, your body and your mind. 

Helen shows you through her own transformation that it is possible to free the debilitating  “what if’s”  and turn them into empowering “I am’s”, as she’s done so not just herself, but thousands of women across the world in the last 24 years. Leaving them feeling a little more “I am good enough, I am my voice, I am not my past” but more importantly “I am my future.”

So that more women, like you, can live freely, feel alive and flourish in every part of their life. 

It’s time to be the woman who is unapologetically, beautifully herself.

Helen Ferguson

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You have everything within you to begin your trauma healing journey, self-compassion is the key to unlocking it!

Begin your journey to happiness and joy
Start creating a safer future with an empowered you in it today.

Trauma doesn’t define you! Shift out of threat and into soothe and be happy
Begin to develop the skills that have changed the lives of my clients so that you CAN too.

6 Days of Inner Healing Immersion 

You have everything within you to begin your trauma healing journey, self-compassion is the key to unlocking it!

Start creating a safer future with an empowered you in it today.

• Day 1: Slow Down.
• Day 2: The Power Of Your Thoughts.
• Day 3: Imagine Self Compassion.
• Day 4: Forgive Yourself.
• Day 5: Thinking with Compassion.
• Day 6: Living with self-compassion.

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I love your energy! Thank you Helen

Erin Harrington

You are truly compassionate❤️‍🔥

Majbrit Boettger

A truly inspiring talk that has me motivated to create something Akashic Record specific.

Marina Beech

Thank you Helen for given another perspective, as to give us time to heal. I always say that I don’t have tthe time to have a breakdown…

TM Conseil