Are You Getting Ready To ‘Get Ready’ To Start Speaking?

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Are You Getting Ready To ‘Get Ready’ To Start Speaking?

Written by Moira Ni Ghallachoir High Ticket Speaking Coach 

Start Speaking today and transform your business and life – here is how I started my speaking career and now live a globe-trotting lifestyle enrolling my ideal clients and living my best life.

Success is getting started before you’re ready, Marie Forleo says, but I’d take that a step further and start speaking on stages long before you think you’re ready if you want success fast.

Are you an entrepreneur who knows she needs to get on stage, but you’re spending all your time getting everything in place before you actually get started?

I work with entrepreneurs who want to use speaking to find their ideal clients and create the globetrotting lifestyle they dream of.

But I’ve found that too often many people are waiting for exactly the right time to start speaking or to have the exactly right talk, the right offer, the right website, the right lead magnet before getting in front of people that need them most.

They’re waiting for everything to be in place when really my motto is – ‘you can to put things in place as you go’.

And the surprising reality is that it is much simpler to do this than many people think. It may seem obvious, but the easiest way to get yourself ‘ready to speak’ is to have an event to get ready to speak at. And the easiest way to get a speaking gig is to simply ask for one. I bet there’s a speaking opportunity right under your nose right now that you could be booking but you’re not asking, so they don’t know you want the opportunity.

There are some key ways to get booked for the kind of speaking gigs you want.

The most obvious one is to start attending the events you would like to speak at. Treat them not just as a learning opportunity, but as a networking opportunity and build relationships with the event organisers as well as the attendees.

Find out about the audience’s problems. Then approach the organiser and tell them you’ve been getting to know their people and you know they are struggling with XYZ. And then ask ‘would you like me to do a free presentation to solve that problem for them’?

I bet you’ll be booked on the spot if you try this.

There are few tools more useful than a network you can rely on when building your business, but you have to start engaging with events, the organisers, and the attendees to build that network, right now.

Through the networks and reputation I’ve built over these last years I now get invited to speak on live and virtual stages all over the world, but most of the speaking gigs I’ve gotten have come from putting myself in the right place at the right time.

Some of those stages have had an audience of hundreds of people, and some were much smaller. But know that even a small audience can bring a great return.

I find if you’re really inspired by a plan that you want to make happen, nothing stands in your way. I was really inspired to have a globetrotting lifestyle when I started as an entrepreneur and speaker.

This might sound like a dream, but maybe think of it this way: Is there a place in the world where you would particularly like to travel?

If you have that place in mind, do some research on upcoming events there. You will probably be amazed at what comes up once you start putting out feelers and asking.

Build your trip around those events. Get in touch with the hosts of events you would like to speak at and see what happens. By sending a few emails, you could end up with the chance to speak on a stage in a city or country you have always wanted to visit.

And of course, this works for virtual stages as well.

During a recent chat on Instagram live I was doing, a woman mentioned a city she had always wanted to visit and I was able to offer her organisations based there that would benefit from her speaking.

She was blown away and had never thought about doing that. And I knew about those organisations from the networking I have done for my own business.

In that way, every trip you take can be an opportunity to reach a new audience. And by building speaking opportunities around your travel, you can not only have your trip paid for, but you can live in that city for a while and rely on the speaking opportunity to bring you the clients you want as well. That’s a win-win-win, right?

I’ve been asked to speak at an event in Spain next month, but I’m also looking at other events I can speak at while I’m there. And I get to live in Spain for a while. Ibiza here I come.

So, it’s this: Attend the events you want to address and familiarize yourself with what they are looking for. Find cities or countries in the world and make contact and build relationships with people involved in those events. Ask for the opportunity to speak at their next event.

You’re ready. Now start.


Moira Ni Ghallachoir

High Ticket Speaking Coach

5 Ways to Use Speaking To Travel the World, Enroll Great Clients and Live a Globetrotting Lifestyle

“Moira shows entrepreneurs a powerful pathway to enrolling more
clients, making way more money and having a globetrotting
lifestyle – without the complicated strategies. So they can finally
enjoy the success and the freedom they started their business
for in the first place. She went from being a youth worker living in London making 30k a year to a business mentor and speaking, building a multiple 6 figure revenue in less than 3 years. She has captivated audiences worldwide with her powerful presentations, her retreats in Paris, New York and Dublin as well as her newest venture – stylish secret supper style gatherings for big thinking entrepreneurs to get their message out in a big way anywhere in the world. “


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