Dream BIG Take Action

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Dream BIG Take Action

by Trudy Simmons 

When we decide to start or run a business, it is easi(er) to find the information, the formulas, and the training that we need to be able to look at our business and know what and where needs to work.

For instance, we know that we are good at social media for our business, but not so good at overall marketing, so we need to put a strategy in place, we need to get more information and to find out what works for US (not for the person next to us that works very differently). 

The areas that can be missed or not thought of when we start or run our business are the extraneous thought processes of how we get stuff DONE.  How we WORK. How we are CREATIVE. And without the awareness to these areas, we are sticking out a divining rod and running in hapless directions to our destination (I hope you can see that visual!)

So how and why are you productive?

We need to be productive to move forward, to take responsibility and to end our day knowing that we did what we needed to do to grow (personally and professionally). 

But we need to know WHY we want to be productive and how it feels at the end of a day to have been productive. This creates the DRIVE to be more productive – we know what it feels like and that it makes our days feel… well… BETTER! 

To be productive, we need to know what we are working towards. So we need CLARITY on what we are building and WHY we are building it.

Once we have clarity on the bigger vision, it gives you the opportunity to create the clear path to get you to that vision and the FOCUS to make it happen. 

When you have this “formula” set and ready, it gives you what you need to be more proactive in the growth of your business. 


Set up your working environment, so that you WANT to be there. Look at your desk, kitchen table, corner of the lounge room; what do you need so that you want to WORK? A clear desk? Declutter the area. A cup-of-something? Grab a coffee/tea/lemon in water. A candle burning? Light your way with a flame that SHINES. Music? Maybe it is background music, the radio, a podcast, heavy metal; I use brain.fm which is music to focus my mind. 

There, now you have a clear picture of what your environment needs to be. 


Do you know what you are aiming for? What the direction of your business is. The vision of the big picture that you are striving towards. If you don’t have this, STOP; THINK! Write down:

What do I want to be known for?

What do I want my business to look like in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years?

What does success look like to me?

Then go to trusty-Google and find an image that encapsulates that vision. Print it off and have it infront of you when you are working. 

Now you know what you are working towards. 


OK… you have created the environment that you need to be productive. You know what the big picture is that you are aiming for and your feeling of success for business. 

What do you need to focus on TODAY to take the baby steps towards it? 

What teeny-tiny “thing” can you get done today that will help you to SEE the vision that you are wanting?

If you are wanting to grow your audience to 10,000 in a year and you are starting today on 1000, then what would day 1 look like to add 1 more engaged potential client to your audience? Sending out an email to your list? Asking for testimonials? Doing a social media post with good hashtags? 

Find the FOCUS that you need to be able to GROW.

None of us want to stay stagnant. We all know that we are meant for bigger and better things. Sometimes that bigger and better things sit behind the fear of what that will look like. To work WITH your fear and move through it, create the vision, have the focus and DO IT! TAKE ACTION and break down the big goals into manageable, achievable steps, once you take the first step, the next will show itself. 

Dream big, be bold, be brave and take action towards YOUR success.



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