How to create the life of your dreams through the power of self-love

CEO of Boundaries Over Brokenness, LLC

Life can be full of trails and tribulations, these are what I like to call valley experiences. These times can declare and reveal the most pivotal pieces of your life. You may have heard the saying “many are called but few are chosen.” This is because everyone experiences a valley in there life, but not everyone uses this your opportunity to draw closer to The Creator and discover the Vision for your life.

Which is why I call the journey to purpose finding your Valley Vision. If you are in a place where you are trying to figure of the purpose for your life, I invite you to journey with me at the Women Thrive Summit and allow me to reveal to you how you can turn your pain into purpose and find your Vision from the Valley. Rediscover your Valley Vision and understand how your valley experience is meant to be preparation times for a new vision.

Crystal Timberlake  is a life experience inspirationalist, truth keeper, empathic and understanding unique character who delivers relevant messages of aspiration through real, raw and diverse discussions. With her bubbly personality and refreshing unbiased opinions, she is the leading voice in the life and relationship community. She has a keen outlook on the representation of woman and community diversion. She advocates, inspires, uplifts and encourages individuals to develop healthy relationships with themselves and others by using a 360 coaching approach and teaching them to set healthy boundaries. She believes that in order to give life its best we have to be our best.

Crystal is the CEO of Boundaries Over Brokenness, LLC. She has a background and education is psychology with an emphasis of social and emotional development. She is the author of her book, Boundaries Over Brokenness: A Memoir. Her book documents life’s hardships that could have destroyed her and the courage she displayed to reclaim her life and succeed.

In addition, Crystal’s proudest accomplishments include being a mom and a wife to her beautiful son and husband of 9 years

Why powerful women enter Toxic Relationships & the Importance of being Financially Free as a Woman

Confidence Empowerment Coach & Energy Healer

A talk that has the potential to change your life forever! Welcome to a motivational talk about powerful women finding themselves in toxic relationships and the hidden reasons behind it. How to avoid stepping into one, and most importantly, how to flourish and thrive in all aspects of life, after you have been subjected to a toxic environment.

Many women, even in high-powered jobs, secretly reside in a relationship, where partners do not MATCH them vibrationally, financially or energetically. Learning how to love yourself again, reinstalling confidence in your talents and skills, creating financial independence, is a crucial part of the “resurrection” process. Giving women the choice of living out of desire rather than responsibility and “must”. The talk is for every visionary woman who feels she deserves more out of life, always knew she was destined to impact the world, however, found herself somehow dimming her light for somebody else.

Monika Zampa is an internationally renowned Confidence Empowerment Coach & Energy Healer based in Amsterdam, ( ex City of London investment banker) Thanks to her corporate career she closely relates with powerful business women who secretly suffer from low self-esteem and find themselves stuck in toxic relationships, dimming their lights and withhold their desires.

Here's How to Cultivate a Female Leaders Mindset

Founder/Director, HolyMama

As entrepreneurs, leaders, trail-blazers and way-showers we face many obstacles and challenges. It’s important to understand how we got to where we are today and why the feminine has been silenced for so long in our societies and culture, as well as in our own minds and bodies. There has never been a better time to stand powerfully rooted in feminine leadership and never a more important time to reconnect with the great mystery of life itself. This talk will allow you to be firmly rooted in your power and be the change you want to see.

Claudia is an award-winning businesswoman, multiple bestselling author and leadership mentor. As the founder/CEO of HolyMama, she has certified retreat leaders in over 20 countries and led 100s of international retreats since 2006. She’s been heralded as a wellness pioneer by international media including The Telegraph, Guardian and Psychologies Magazine. Before becoming a health and wellness expert, Claudia spent over a decade reporting for radio and TV as a broadcast journalist and foreign correspondent.

Naked Wealth - Deep Conversations for a Strong Legacy

Author, speaker and podcaster

This session will raise your awareness to the conversations you should be having to help ensure that when life’s curveballs inevitably come, that you will be able to continue to enjoy your life, experience fulfilment, and be able to focus on what is truly important in that moment. Additionally, this talk will help you understand the importance of conversations and planning to provide not only freedom and fulfilment for yourself, but for your grandchildren, and beyond.

Legacy – it has been a constant theme in Jennifer’s life, from the family photography studio that has flourished through the generations, to her maternal grandfather’s decades-strong family law practice, still thriving to this day. Beyond just the professional realm, Jennifer has witnessed the powerful influence a personal legacy can wield as she’s watched her father pass along his love of learning to her son, sharing knowledge of everything from bird-watching and cooking to handyman skills.

Part of Jennifer’s own personal legacy is Gardner, Massachusetts, where she grew up and eventually returned to after exploring life in Boston and the North Shore of Massachusetts during her college years. After teaching for several years, it was in Gardner that she founded her first business, Mustard Seed Technology, where she utilized technology to successfully facilitate access to school and recreation for children around the country.

In 2012, Jennifer made the leap to financial services at Edward Jones, where she has had the privilege of helping clients plan for retirement and other financial goals in an effort to create their own legacy. During this time, she realized her passion for working with individuals, couples, and families to help them pursue fulfillment and freedom for generations to come through financial planning.

Jennifer took the leap in 2021 when she left Edward Jones to open Wironen Aube Wealth Management. It is a testimony to her family history, an opportunity to boldly impact the community for future generations, and an example for her four children. It is her pride and passion to work together with you and help you in the pursuit to live freely, retire confidently, and leave your own legacy.

Secret to consistent high ticket sales

High ticket sales coach

This powerful 30-minute sessions will show you:

-Why mindset is more than just positive thinking

-How to leverage your money mindset for financial wins and my favorite quick tip to shift your mindset

-Why a monthly money action plan is key to making your money easy

-Why knowing what you should do each month makes it easy to simplify and streamline your finances

-Quick shifts to help you tap into & activate your inner wealthy woman.

Victoria Sexton is the founder of Align Wealth Coaching, creator of the Effortless Money System, and host of The Don’t Play With Trash podcast.

Victoria Sexton is a financial coach, bestselling author of Effortless Money: How to Align Your Wealth And Your Woo, the founder of Align Wealth Coaching, and host of The Don’t Play With Trash podcast. After spending years of working in finance and still not feeling confident about her money, she discovered her own secret sauce, combing a money mindset with a straightforward personal finance system. Now she teaches that same system to her clients.

The Rise of an Unstoppable Woman

Business Success Coach

The Rise of an Unstoppable Woman Regina Gulbinas – Finding courage, strength and your personal power to rise and thrive after any fall.

After 17 years as a corporate turnaround specialist and guiding over 100 corporations back to financial profitability, Regina expanded her business into the online space. She now also works with online female entrepreneurs guiding them to unapologetically step into their original blueprint, activate their brilliance, and in turn blow up their income.
Her clients do not pay her for time, they are paying her for 19 years of experience helping businesses generate millions.
Together they collapse time around the possibility.

The Legacy Revolution - Nikki Collinson-Phenix

Impact and Success Strategist

The Legacy Revolution is a talk about the power of women through the generations. Touching on her own family generational dynamics and the challenges Nikki herself, the women in her family and those she works with in Uganda faced and continue to face. It’s a reminder that no matter what life throws at you, you have the strength to get through it and to own your story.

Nikki Collison – Phenix is a straight talking speaker, chiropractor, business mentor, humanitarian and host of The Profitable Couch Podcast, but mix that together with a great sense of fun and you have a speaker that people want to listen to.

Nikki is known for making learning fun and making the complicated sound simple and whatever your background, Nikki will have you fired up and ready to make your impact in the world.

Listening to Nikki speak is like having that calming, encouraging voice whispering in your ear that you can do it, that you can be whomever you want to be, and you can achieve whatever you want to achieve despite the curveballs of life.

Ever the humanitarian, Nikki launched the Africa Childrens Development Trust and since then has worked tirelessly with women and children and helping thousands of families across Uganda through education, vocational training, malaria prevention, business support and microfinancing. Nikki was awarded the National Venus Women In Business Award for Influential Woman Of The Year for this work and continues to find new and innovative ways to empower the amazing women and children who live there.

She is also the founder of The Godshill Play park Project an initiative to bring a £300k fully inclusive play facility to the Isle of Wight, so that families can come together to experience the joy of play, fresh air and fun regardless of any challenges they may face.


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