Five ways to create more intentional content

Coach and Mentor | Content Strategist, Claire Lockey Coaching

Learn how to make your content work for you, attract your ideal clients and make more sales with ease? Join this powerful content workshop with Claire Lockey.

I’m Claire, a coach, mentor and eternally curious learner with a rebellious streak.
I help business owners find more clarity and confidence to build a business they love. I help them reach more of the right people by using powerful content marketing strategies that feel authentic and aligned.

I am passionate about helping women find their voice through their content and learn how to connect with and attract their ideal clients with ease.

My passion is supporting and teaching my clients how to turn their ideas into profitable products and services and market them effectively in all shapes and forms. I offer high-quality training courses and tailored 1:1 support and coaching.

If you are a service-based business owner or a VA looking for authentic, high-quality support to understand your strengths and how to leverage these to grow your business YOUR way, I would love to connect! 

From Adversity to Advancement

Romel Peters - entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcaster

Join this talk to learn how to own your truth instead of being controlled by it, snatch your power back, and truly love yourself first, from the inside, out!

For the first time, I will openly share my personal story of how I allowed one major traumatic event from my teens to dictate and control the following 18 years of my life. Then I will explain what it took to come to the realisation that I was worthy of everything I desired, how I regained control of my destiny, the process I went through to heal and how I rediscovered myself on a whole new level.

Romel Peters is a proud Mumpreneur to 2 boys & 2 Passion Led Businesses, An Intuitive Transformation Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Podcaster and Author.

All with the mission of helping individuals who struggle with self-identity to rediscover Who You Really Are on a soul level, by breaking the unhealthy cycle of generational/societal patterns and expectations.

Having gone through her own massive transformation after hitting a major low point, Romel now utilises her expertise and experience to guide you through your Self Discovery journey. She will give you the tools you require to master the art of harnessing your natural gift of intuition, to navigate your own unique life experience.

‘This’ current life only happens once. We cannot afford to keep playing the extra in someone else’s story, rather than stepping up as the main character in our own.

Romel wishes for every living soul to experience the beauty, wonder and abundance life has to offer, by finding your true alignment and unleashing your authentic self, unapologetically.

Are you the secret to a successful marriage?

Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Speaker, Author

We all want a successful marriage. Marriage takes work. Did you know that you can be the Secret to a Successful Marriage? Your behaviors, your thoughts and/or actions can help you to become THE secret. It starts with you. Do you know yourself? Are you confident in your own skin? Do you know who you truly are?
Everyday we live by our titles. We live by what we assume someone else told us we are. However, what is your core? Who were you when you were younger and you had these dreams of what you wanted to be?

We were Fearless when we were younger and we just felt like the world was our oyster. However, as time goes on as we acquire these labels that we either put on ourselves or someone else puts on us it takes away the inner person that we are because we take on these titles. So, we lose who we are and I just want to get you to think about who you are today. By attending my talk you will learn how to think about your inner self. How you are showing up in your marriage. How you can be the Secret to a Successful Marriage.

Debra B. Hamilton is the CEO and Founder of Nurture Your Love. She is a Speaker and Author.  Debra’s passion has always been to help busy women and married couples learn how to communicate, understand expectations, learn how to forgive, have better self-esteem, and create intimacy in their relationships. We as married couples sometimes struggle in our marriage and need help to bridge the gap that is causing us disconnection.

As a relationship & intimacy coach, Debra is helping couples find that spark they had when they first were married.
Debra has over 39 years of experience of being married. Her life has had many ups and downs. Through it all, she has learned how to communicate her needs and wants, learned how to share her expectations, and is very comfortable with her intimate self. This gives her the ability to share her experiences and help other married couples to be successful in their marriage as well.

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Secret to consistent high ticket sales

High ticket sales coach

How to Skyrocket Sales In Your Business and Create Consistent $30k-$100K Months Without Burnout Or Overwhelm.

In my transformational talk I will show you how you are just one presentation away from your next level, from multiple 6 figures and for some of you seven figures. All you need is just one powerful sales message to reach your next impact and income goal.

How to drive traffic to your business even with a tiny audience, how to craft irresistible offers people feel stupid saying no.

High Ticket Sales Expert. Elena is an experienced serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. Bought and sold over 50 companies worth up to $10bn. Went from a girl brought up in Siberia during a communist time with all possible mindset issues to the youngest and only female across the world’s largest boardroom tables.

Expert in helping coaches and consultants scale their impact to consistent 5-figure months using proprietary frameworks and tools using 20 years of business experience, ready to thrive, scale or exit.

Step into the shoes of the woman of your dreams

Holistic style and wardrobe coach

We all get dressed in the morning. But what does it MEAN to get dressed? From the outside, your closet might be a wonderland of the latest trends and fashions, but how many of those pieces were chosen for you? Just you. If you’re like most women, your closet isn’t an accurate reflection of who you are. And if the woman who’s looking back in the mirror isn’t the truest embodiment of you, then how can you expect her to show up as the face of your business and accurately tell your story?

The truth is, your wardrobe is an incredible tool for manifesting your dreams and getting your message out into the world. With my years of professional styling experience, coupled with navigating my self-image to reflect my authentic self, I’ve created the Inside-Out styling Method designed to uncover the Woman of Your Dreams. So that you can become a magnet for all you desire along with feeling and looking damn good, together, we will unpack what it means to step into the Woman of Your Dream’s shoes and how doing that will unlock your fullest potential.

Alexandra Louise is a seasoned Wardrobe Stylist, turned Style Architect. She supports women in unlocking their next level by reimagining their wardrobes as an extension of themselves. Aiming to create undeniable confidence and impeccable lasting impressions to attract their dream clients while opening the flood gates for endless opportunities.

She is not only seen as a style expert but also a thought leader in her own right. Her work is rooted in the idea that style is an inside job and can energetically translate your message to the world.

With over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry as an editorial stylist, working for Nordstrom’s photo studio as the Sr. Stylist. Being requested to work on high-level projects, specializing in plus size styling, and being called the bra-fit exert, an entrepreneur herself, along with having an education in fashion design, she’s built an extensive tool belt.

When first making the jump to building her own business to serve women entrepreneurs, she knew her diverse skills would come into play, but she had no idea the magnitude of which she could actually change the way women confidently show up in their lives and businesses.

Developing a fortune 500 mindset

"Certified Process Improvement Strategist" Six Sigma Green Belt, Investor Development Training, Realtor, Business Coach


What’s on your mind? Do a self-examination of the thoughts that you ponder on. If you find that your thoughts are consumed with wondering what time it is or what others are doing or saying.

Are you wondering why you don’t have the success you want? Desiring to achieve success as a business owner or entrepreneur requires precision thinking. A Fortune 500 Mindset seeks value partners and focuses on having a business strategy that’s design to meet their year-end revenue goals. Again, I ask what’s on your mind?


Alberta McKinney founder of Entrepreneurs by Design, LLC, Certified Process Improvement Strategist, business owner of over 25.

Financial & Retirement Planning Consultant
Miami Dade College (Business Administration)
Investment Advisor (Series 6)
Mortgage Broker
Real Estate Investor
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt
Business Scaling Consultant
The Black Mastermind Group

Are you ready to start making a 7-figure income? That requires having a 7-figure mindset. Understanding how to structure your business to produce 7-figure incomes is what we do. We create business tools and strategies that helps improve your business processes.

    The power of a book in your business

    Founder of Onyx Publishing

    Discussing the power of writing and publishing a book, and how this can be used as a marketing tool in your business, not only to develop authority and credibility, but to attract in, nurture and close high-ticket-paying clients.

    Hayley Paige is the owner and founder of the award-winning London-based but globally operating Onyx Publishing and its various imprints, which takes entrepreneurs, coaches, thought leaders, speakers, mompreneurs and other professionals through the process of planning, writing and publishing their lead-generating non-fiction. Hayley has recently penned ‘Entrepreneur. Book. Success.: How to Attract Ideal Clients as Paying Leads while Positioning Yourself as an Authority in Your Niche’ and is currently working on a domestic thriller.

    When she is not busying herself with business-expansion, ink-creativity and book-publication, she spends her days coaching business owners and entrepreneurs in writing and publishing for the purposes of achieving lead-generation and greater authority and status in their niche.

    Panel Discussion - Building Solid Business Foundations

    Intuitive Business Strategist

    Panel discussion on building solid foundations featuring the Women Thrive Summit Speakers. 


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