Turn your passion into 6 figure business

Holistic Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Salon Owner, Manifest Miracles

This talk is for anyone looking to launch a passion based business or to take an existing business to the next level. You will learn practical tips that will transform the way you operate. Get ready to learn everything from the secret of client retention to the basics of branding (and why it may be totally different than what you think). This is a segment you don’t want to miss!

I have owned a hair salon for the last 10 years and despite having to close for 5 months during the pandemic I was still able to bring in over 6 figures each year. I did that by transitioning while we were closed and selling wigs and hair online. I also used that time to write a book about my journey from a homeless, suicidal teen (surviving multiple suicide attempts)- into a completely sober wife, mom and business owner by the time I was 25.

My book became a best seller and award winner within the 1st year of publication and is now online and select stores nationwide. I then launched a speaking and coaching business- while still maintaining my salon. That led to nationwide speaking events including the upcoming TEDx talk. It has been quite a journey and one I am so incredibly grateful for.

Massive Mindset Breakthrough Formula

Qualified Rapid Transformational Practitioner ® (RTTP) and Health Coach

Curious about transformation through tapping into the limitless power of the mind and creating empowering, lasting change from within? About the inseparable connection between our thoughts, actions and words?
Curious about that all-important link between how we feel inside ourselves and how we experience our world around us? This understanding is a Superpower. It’s the key to harnessing anything and everything in life you deserve and desire, to really unleashing your own limitless potential.

I will be sharing my Massive Mindset Breakthrough Formula and mindset breakthroughs to implement new habits and create powerful, positive and permanent change in your life – from the inside out.

Isn’t it time to be brave enough to desire unleash your limitless potential? To be audacious enough to desire to live as an ever more empowered version of you? If not now then when?

Nicky S Dvorak is the founder of ReBoot Transformations, a business borne out of her greatest passions: the power of transformation, personal growth, health, veganism, plant-based nutrition and working with people to empower themselves and their lives. She is a qualified Rapid Transformational Practitioner ® (RTTP) and Health Coach and has degrees in education, history and leadership.

Nicky is a true global citizen, having travelled extensively through more than 70 countries and had the life-enriching experience of living in almost 10 countries on 5 continents. Nicky has had a diverse and successful career with over 25 years working with and commitment to veganism, nutrition, health, personal growth, psychology, education, travel and people.

Originally from Australia, Nicky is based in Malaga, Spain


Master Life Coach


No matter what your line of work or Business, your greatest Asset will be you. Unfortunately, far too often we hide the real person we were created to be. This can be caused by many different aspects of our past including abuse, rejection, insecurities and believing the lies spoken by others about us. You will never illuminate the true Brilliance of who you are until you embrace your Uniqueness. You were created to be different. A light shining on a hill. This session will encourage you to shine in who you were created to be and give steps on how to accomplish this.


Elder Coylette James – The founder of Kingdom Influencer.Life, encouraging Leaders to become agents of Influence creating living legacies in the lives of all with whom they interact. When asked about her own living legacies, she will tell you of her two passions outside of her Family which are Entrepreneurship and Women. As a Minister of the Gospel, she is promoting entrepreneurship through her Kingdom Empowerment Seminars, which encourages Christians to incorporate the Spiritual things of God with the Natural things of business to achieve SUPERNATURAL success. Her women’s Ministry, Covenant Daughters Ministries, is a mentor-ship organization for women in ministry. She is also the Founder of Warrior Women of Color which encourages Women from all ethnic backgrounds and Social Statuses to band together to give voice to their fierceness as women while embracing the greatness which lies inside them.

How to say what you mean, mean what you say, without being mean

Communications Coach, Journalist


Learn the 3 key pillars of competent communication. Women need to be accurate, authentic and amiable in setting boundaries. This allows them to create the life that they deserve as people understand them and respect them, even when there could be great differences of opinion at stake.

Jan Daudi an is a global citizen who has travelled extensively with her 5 children and husband. Originally from London she now resides in the UAE where she runs her Female Communications Coaching programs.

She graduated in the Psychological Sciences and went on to become certified in English Language Teaching leading her to empower migrant women enrolled in British government projects. She has extensive experience teaching C-suite leaders and diplomats in a Private Iranian College in London where she designed the entire English Syllabus for that Institution.

Jan’s bespoke Communications Coaching programs are for Elite ambitious women seeking to make a global impact and leave a positive legacy behind. They allow women to level up and polish their messaging to make it more magnetic and memorable.

Uncovering the clues to your niche

Niche Coach, former Journalist


Are you constantly comparing yourself to top influencers on social media both secretly admiring them yet feeling a tinge of jealousy? Do you find that you’ve tried all the strategies for finding your niche yet still feel like you’re back to square one.

What if I told you another self help book will only amplify the answers that are there. In this session, we’ll uncover how to unlock your niche from your existing life experiences by connecting the dots in your life story. Walk away with a deeper understanding of who you’re meant to serve and how you’re suppose to do it!

Dhara Singh is a former journalist with bylines in Yahoo Finance, CNET and Bankrate.com now full-time storytelling and niche coach for digital entrepreneurs. She has helped more than 80+ entrepreneurs unlock their brand identity in the past year While most entrepreneurs look at their life story from a surface level, Dhara believes through an investigative lens you can unlock deeper clues that point to a person’s purpose by connecting the dots. Please connect with her on Instagram: @itsdharasingh or checkout storybydhara.com/workwithme.

Discover the 3 ways intuitive strategy makes you millions

Intuitive Business Strategist

Learn the 3 ways intuitive strategy can make you millions based on my work with hundreds of clients and my own $65M+ sales experience. Walk away with simple powerful techniques to stand out in the marketplace and attract your soul mate clients.

Kim Woods, MBA and Evolutionary Astrology Master, also known as the Intuitive Business Strategist, teaches high-performing entrepreneurs to Know, Like and Trust themselves, creating radical levels of satisfaction in every aspect of their lives.

Kim’s a highly sought-after business leader with countless master-level intuitive certifications paired with 25+ years of C- suite business experience. She’s led 150+ corporate executives, overseen $65M+ in sales and influenced 300,000+ team members. Kim has an incredibly solid depth of field for combining business with intuition, creating shockingly transformative results. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies & $MM CEO’s to solopreneurs and creatives.

Her revolutionary question of Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself is the perfect thread that weaves intuition with success. Kim expertly pairs the ancient wisdom of astrology and sacred healing modalities with modern techniques delivered through simple and practical methods. She turns the well-known marketing concept of the Know, Like, Trust factor inside out, so instead of helping customers to Know, Like and Trust you, YOU Know, Like and Trust yourself. Tapping into this inner knowing allows you to create highly sought-after personal, professional, and financial triumph.

Panel Discussion - How Women Rise and Use Feminine Power to Make an Impact

Featuring all Women Thrive Speakers


In this powerful panel discussion we talk about How Women Rise and Use Feminine Power to Make an Impact – powerful, inspiring and empowering discussion around women power. 


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