Embrace Your Fear and Take Action

Clarity and Productivity Business Coach

How to work with your fears and make an impact working with procrastination, what procrastination is, taking the actions towards what you want, making an impact for your and your family/community, watching the ripple effects.

“Trudy Simmons is a Clarity and Productivity Business Coach for women entrepreneurs with a truckload of empathy and a little bit of hard arse!

She is able to help you find out WHAT you want to do; WHY you want to do it; and HOW to get it DONE!

She loves to show her audience of entrepreneurial and businesswomen the way to becoming more successful by getting clarity, taking action and following through. Trudy has 20 years of experience in helping people move from being stuck and not knowing the next step, to getting their shizzle DONE! She does this by finding and harnessing your strengths and removing your weaknesses.
She knows what keeps you up at night – a thousand of ideas that are germinating in your brain – and she knows how to sort them into “no go”, “maybe later”, and “hells yes” and get done what is really important to your success.”


How to become the go to expert in your niche

Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Author, Founder of Women in Business Club & Women Thrive Summit and Magazine

Raimonda Jankunaite is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, Visibility expert and the founder of the Women Thrive Platform. Since founding the Women in Business Club Raimonda has worked with 100’s of coaches, experts and speakers. Every year Raimonda interviews approx 300 speakers and hosts 50-60 speakers a year. 

She has established Women in Business Club in 2017 and has since grown her international community to over 500k followers worldwide, hosting international events, retreats, supporting 1000’s of early stage entrepreneurs to start out in business with training and resources. 


Raimonda now coach women to become visible go to experts in their field and become sought after speakers. Through her Speaker’s Academy and private coaching Raimonda helps women elevate their authority and become the leading voice in the industry. 



Wake up to your purpose

Master Life Coach

Tinell Dickens is a Master Life Coach, Transformational coach and International speaker. She is the founder of 1WomanMovement, an LLC that equips emerging female leaders to overcome internal hindrances to their external success.

Tinell believes that women in leadership play a key role in transforming the world for the better and she is dedicated to helping women overcome hurdles and walk in destiny and success.

She shares a diverse and unique international experience and has been able to observe the varying roles of women from different walks of life. Tinell is convinced of the necessity of having empowered women in families, communities and the world at large. Her commitment to helping women walk in greatness extends to her career as an Actress, her business, her philanthropic work and her dedication to her eight children, friends and family.

Turn your burnout into breakthrough

Silicon Valley based Business Executive, Author of 'Hello Universe, It's Me' and Inspirational Speaker

Deepika Sandhu is a Silicon Valley Business Woman, Inspirational Speaker, Author of the Hello Universe, It’s Me and mom to a sassy 8 year old girl. Deepika has advised fast moving, high growth companies as they inspire the world with innovation. Now through her book, courses and speaking events, she teaches overworked, exhausted and overwhelmed professionals how to turn their burnout into breakthroughs. 

5 Ways to Use Speaking To Travel the World, Enroll Great Clients and Live a Globetrotting Lifestyle

Speaking Coach

Moira shows entrepreneurs a powerful pathway to enrolling more
clients, making way more money and having a globetrotting
lifestyle – without the complicated strategies. So they can finally
enjoy the success and the freedom they started their business
for in the first place. She went from being a youth worker living in London making 30k a year to a business mentor and speaking, building a multiple 6 figure revenue in less than 3 years. She has captivated audiences worldwide with her powerful presentations, her retreats in Paris, New York and Dublin as well as her newest venture – stylish secret supper style gatherings for big thinking entrepreneurs to get their message out in a big way anywhere in the world.

Calming Ego and Fear To Make Highly Successful Choices

Founder/CEO of Body Soul Goddess

Shannon Sukovaty is a veteran of the stage and screen and a serial entrepreneur. She has honed techniques that have helped her use her own intuition for guidance and success in her career, business, health, and life. After closing her successful production company in December 2019 due to intuitive guidance she was moved to teach other women and those who identify as women how to connect and use their own intuition for success in health and wealth for a more joyful life.


Panel Discussion - Finding Your Purpose & True Alignment

Featuring all Women Thrive Speakers


In this powerful panel discussion we talk about how to find your purpose in life and what it means to be truly aligned to your dreams and goals. 


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