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Caroline Bellenger

Self-Esteem Coach, Business Coach, Speaker, Author & Founder of Be The Impossible

Talk Title: 5 Powerful Secrets To Heal Your Self-Esteem

Caroline is a self-esteem coach, business coach, award-winning entrepreneur, mental health advocate and inspirational speaker. After experiencing childhood sexual abuse and over twenty years of addiction and mental health issues, Caroline got Sober 13yrs ago and enhanced her life by creating a toolbox of strategies that enabled her to improve her mindset, self-esteem and create three successful businesses. The winner of The Gold Coast Women Of The Year Wellness Warrior, National Roar Award Best Advocate For Mental Health & BEYOUROWN Peoples Coach Of The Year, Caroline epitomises the philosophy of overcoming trauma through wellness and courage.  As the founder of “Be The Impossible” she has coached and inspired thousands of women to overcome their own life obstacles and create fulfilment and joy.   She is the co-author of three books including her latest Sacred Promise, an anthology with Oprah’s all-time favourite guest Dr Terari Trent. She is a Business Master Coach for a global company and recently started her own Business Consulting and VA Business “technophobe solutions’. She has climbed to Everest Base Camp and competed in national sporting teams, including representing Australia in Triathlon at 50. Caroline has dedicated her life to empowering other women through inspirational keynotes, books, coaching programs, and online education.

Caroline Bellenger Talk: 5 Powerful Secrets To Heal Your Self-Esteem

Do you feel like you are not good enough to achieve all those big dreams you have hidden deep inside you and maybe you lack the confidence to follow your passions because you are too worried about what others will think?
If this sounds like you then Caroline’s workshop “5 Powerful Secrets To Heal Your Self-Esteem” is exactly what you need to reclaim your life and follow those unfulfilled dreams.
You see she felt exactly the same as you a few years ago and she pushed down all those not good enough feelings with alcohol and unhealthy behaviours.
Then she started on a journey of self-discovery where she learnt these five powerful but easy to implement strategies that allowed her to completely change my life.
She soon developed self-worth and confidence that put her on a path to thriving as an award winning entrepreneur, world champion athlete, author and inspirational speaker.
She am now passionate about sharing these simple tips, that are so powerful, so that you will heal your self-esteem so you can chase your dreams and find success in wellbeing, business and relationships.
She can’t wait to share this with you !

Caroline Bellenger talk title

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