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Are you passionate about supporting women’s entrepreneurship, women in business, and overall support of the women’s empowerment movement? Do you want to make a meaningful impact and gain exposure for your brand or organisation?

Then we have an amazing opportunity for you to collaborate with us. Becoming an event sponsor for the Women Thrive Summit is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your commitment to women’s advancement and connect with a diverse and influential audience.

The Largest Global Women’s Empowerment Event

The Women Thrive Summit is focused on supporting and elevating women’s voices from all around the world.

We started our mission in 2020 during the most challenging year in the events industry and have grown our impact and reach to over 600k women worldwide.

No other conference is focused on bringing together a diverse group of women from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds to share their stories to inspire and empower others.

Our focus is women’s empowerment, female entrepreneurship, personal development, leadership, career advancement, and mindset. At Women Thrive we create global opportunities for women to grow, connect, and build long-lasting connections.



Your business champions women’s empowerment, women in business and entrepreneurship, and women’s success


You want to reach a global and diverse audience of women speakers, authors, experts, thought leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs


You want to sponsor a credible and authoritative brand that prides itself on delivering value to its customers through every interaction


Your values align with ours and you know that this could become a lasting and beneficial partnership for all involved

You want your brand next to the
Largest Global Women’s Empowerment Event

The Women Thrive Summit is an annual gathering every March of women leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, and change-makers from around the world. It is a dynamic and inspiring event designed to empower women, foster networking opportunities, and provide equal access to business insights, strategy, and knowledge from leading experts.


This stage is providing opportunities to women around the world to share their stories, expertise, and knowledge. All are welcome here.


The Summit is the ultimate event for women in business and entrepreneurship who want to learn and grow their business to reach the next level of success.


We are proud to support women-focused charities like The Global Fund for Women and The Female Lead Charity. We’re also committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Quick Stats

What makes the Women Thrive Summit different? Our speakers are highly successful and esteemed business women who all have a social clout and extensive reach – together we represent over 2.5 million people reach globally – so brands who partner with us can enjoy extensive opportunities for brand exposure and marketing to a wider and global audience beyond our own reach. 

Meet the 2024 Summit Speakers

2024 Women Thrive summit


Visibility and Brand Exposure

As a sponsor, your brand will be prominently featured throughout the summit across our platform which reaches 600k. You’ll have dedicated ad space which will be displayed on the event website, promotional materials, and social media platforms, increasing your visibility and generating brand exposure among our engaged audience.

Social Impact

By supporting the Women Thrive Summit, you contribute directly to the advancement of gender equality and the empowerment of women worldwide. Your sponsorship helps us create a powerful platform for change, inspire women to reach their full potential, and promote a more inclusive society.

lEAD gENERATING Opportunities

The Women Thrive Summit brings together a remarkable community of individuals committed to women’s empowerment. By sponsoring the event, you gain access to exclusive networking opportunities where you can connect with influential leaders, potential clients, partners, and collaborators, expanding your professional network and fostering meaningful relationships.

Targeted Marketing

The Women Thrive Summit attracts a diverse group of attendees. By sponsoring the event, you have the opportunity to connect directly with your target audience and showcase your products, services, or initiatives to potential customers, partners, and collaborators.

Find A Sponsorship Level That Fits Your Needs

Each level includes different benefits and opportunities for exposure. Our sponsorship team has worked diligently to customise packages that align with specific goals and ensure maximum return on investment.

Join us in empowering women, fostering change, and making a lasting impact at the Women Thrive Summit.

We focus on women’s empowerment, women in business, women in entrepreneurship, personal development, and mental and physical health. We have a global community of over 600k followers with women from all walks of life. We champion diversity, inclusion, empowerment, equality, and personal growth and development.

I am so excited that you’re here and interested in becoming part of our international community based around celebrating, spotlighting, and highlighting women’s stories, voices, ideas, businesses, and more.

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