Beauty of a Woman Poem

by | May 19, 2022 | Mental Health, Women Empowerment | 0 comments

Beauty of a Woman Poem written by CPoeticStew

Beauty of a Woman is more than outward appearance and skin deep.

It is defined in her character and the choice of words she speaks.

Beauty of a woman shines with radiance drawing an audience to compel what is within.

Loving-kindness, tender mercies, with encouragement, attract many friends.

She is a strong woman overcoming obstacles without fear.

Yet, maintaining her humbleness showing she is sincere.

Beauty of woman, speaks positive words to uplift broken-hearted she sees.

Sometimes, placing her dreams on hold, while nurturing goals of those in need.

Beauty or woman has a scent only Mother Earth can create.

Laughter, tears, and joy conquerors all by her faith.

A beautiful woman is virtuous with an excellent spirit.

The family views her as a trophy for the entire world to see.

A beautiful woman I am and someday others will be.

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