Meet Women Thrive Summit Speaker 

Allera Dawn

Allera Dawn

Founder Pure Light 1111. Leading Spiritual Life & Business Coach

Talk Title: The journey of alchemy to become unapologetically yourself!

The Modern Day High Priestess

Founder of Pure Light 1111 & creator of her ground-breaking Soul Architect Series ™ healing technology. She is a leading spiritual life & business coach, workplace wellness expert, public speaker, multi-dimensional channel & energy healer.  She also hosts a top 4 ranked podcast on itunes, Pure Light 1111- Soul Aligned Living.

Allera Dawn Talk: The journey of alchemy to become unapologetically yourself!

A diamond is created through pressure. Each inner fractal holds a unique creation story before illuminating into full radiance. Throughout the whole journey of formation, each facet is part of the greater whole!

How can your pain be alchemized into not only your purpose but your leading-edge tool?

Every diamond must first go through an initiation before revealing its full brilliance.

Now is the time for us to heal from past trauma, rewrite the script & shine brightly in the world.

I invite you to start this existential journey with me now! Expect the unexpected!

Allera brings an unconventional perspective birthed from a lifetime of mastering her soul gifts as an energy master through initiation.  A path her lineage has walked for eons.

She experienced two near-death experiences at age 2 & 4 which radically shaped her life.  Activating her intuitive & healing abilities.  She learnt to experience life dialled into the ‘unseen’ realms and honed her sensory, healing & psychic abilities to assist her in life & business.  Outside-of-the-box thinking is her default. 

Yet she kept this part of her hidden throughout her decades of working in Finance for Top Investment banks.  Suppressing parts of herself as she attempted to fit in with societal norms.  Till she experienced a wake-up call causing her to cancel her wedding & leave a relationship. 

The effects of these events led her on a healing journey of shadow initiations to alchemize abuse, overcome illness, and addictions & find her inner voice, embody her spiritual gifts & activate her inner power to live unapologetically. 

It was from this place that she started showing up fully & life opened up with abundance.

Allera works with women ready to become fully all of themselves.  Helping them reclaim their feminine power, heal from past trauma, rewrite their life script & access more pleasure, wealth & impact.  Her work is a deep, potent soul activation & creates transformation in all areas of life, business & money.  Everything is interconnected

Allera Dawn
Allera Dawn

Pure Light 1111.

The limits are MAN MADE creations of an outdated patriarchal reality We create through the lens of perspective gifted from ancestors, society, media, educationYet, if we enter into our true innate co-creator power we recognise it can ALL CHANGEWill you ASCEND beyond the limits of your consciousness?The Old paradigm taught us to seek fulfillment on a never ending treadmill for success Constantly  Striving & SuperficialityThe New paradigm strips away the illusions…That you are unworthy, unlovable, broken, unhealable, limited, powerless & trappedThat you are separate from higher power, source, infinite potentialIt’s time to release ourselves from the illusion programmingAnd access our inner soul compass of Divine TruthWE CAN HAVE IT ALL!SOURCE, SOUL, UNIVERSE DON’T LIMIT US…WE DO!This is where the FREEDOM lies


Thank you Allera – felt all of that – needed this today 🤍🙏🏽-

Leslie Saglio

Thanks for helping me bring my experience together. I’ve also had a number of near death experiences. As a child I’d communicate with spirits all around me. I lost that for a number of years and have regained it increasingly over the past 10 years. Today was deeply powerful. I could feel the healing and energy powerfully shift. Thank you, Allera❤️ I hope to connect more.

Erin Harrington

You are amazing Allera. Such a powerful and beautiful message. Thank you for sharing this 🙏🏼💖

Erin Harrington

I have been curious. I am using my gifts and thank you for opening the gates for me. 

Nanette Murphy

I have such calm and light in my body right now – especially the lower 3 chakras. As Paige said, you’re the real deal. Thank you.

Erin Harrington

Allera & I met because we were both speakers at the Women Thrive Summit in March 2023. Allera & I have collaborated together on a number of live events in the last few months & had a lot of interesting conversations. Allera is a passionate, connected & engaging speaker. Who channels energy from her senses & through her words to connect deeply with others. She speaks on topics that connect real life & business with deeper energy. She can take seemingly unconnected events & explore their connections & meaning on a different level. Allera is fun to work with & an inspiring speaker!

Sarah Needham