8 Ways to Ease Writer’s Block

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8 Ways to Ease Writer’s Block

By Dhara Singh, Storytelling and Niche Coach

Are you someone who has brilliant story ideas, but when the moment comes to sit down and write a post – your mind goes blank?

As a full time, storytelling coach and former journalist what if I told you this is completely normal even for someone who writes professionally. 

In fact, here are 8 strategies that have helped me ease writer’s block and find my footing again. 


  • Turn Your Copy Into A Letter

When perfectionism strikes and you find yourself forcing the professionalism in your writing – immediately stop. Take a step back and reframe your story as a letter you were writing to a friend. 

Or even better think of one of those Future Me letters where you write a letter to yourself in the future – what stories would you include?


  • Brain Dump 

Sometimes you need to forget the perfect grammar for a second and simply get words on a page. Sink deep into your inspiration zone and let the fingers loose on the keyboard. Write straight for 15-20 minutes then pause, take a deep breath and resume.

I remember once I wrote a top paper when I was younger by simply going to the library and cracking it out for 3 hours straight. I only tweaked the grammar and sentence structure after I was done. 


  • Dress Up ???

You heard that right. Sometimes you have to wear a comfortable flowy dress with some mascara to start feeling at ease. Wearing comfortable clothing has allowed me to write some of my best pieces!


  • Read a Book

Sometimes we’re so focused on creating a picture-perfect story that we forget why we even started in the first place. If you’re reading this then you’re likely a natural storyteller so makes sure to keep the fun and creativity alive.

One way to regain your creativity is to read someone else’s stories. They say great writers are great readers for a reason. As you immerse yourself in someone else’s storyline you may suddenly feel inspired to create a work of art as well. 

  • Call a Friend

You don’t realize it, but you already tell your friends stories all the time. Why not hop on the phone and exercise that storytelling muscle by telling your friend how your day was. As you chat back and forth, you’ll feel inspired to weave together details into your own written story.


  • Voice Record

A controversial yet honest take is that not all storytellers are great writers. You may be a great verbal storyteller. In this case, why not voice record your draft instead of writing it. Later use a service such as Otter to transcribe your story for you. 

The hard part is done!


  • Take A Shower

Sounds silly right? If you’re especially empathetic, refreshing yourself with a nice shower will not only ease your writer’s stress, but you’re more likely to get an inspired download or two. 


  • Pitch Yourself in a Networking Room

Close the notebook and word document for a minute. Instead, I want you to download the Clubhouse app and pitch yourself in a networking room.

Clubhouse is THE storytelling app. I nicknamed it that because there hasn’t been a single room I haven’t attended where someone didn’t share a personal story.

By being in the company of others bravely sharing their stories, you’ll also feel more inspired to finish yours. 

Not to mention by pitching your story in a 30 second elevator pitch you can build your confidence. 

At the end of the day, storytelling is supposed to bring you joy! It’s an opportunity to let your natural creative power flow. Once you’re having fun – that’s when the writer’s block fades away!



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