7 Steps of Getting on The TEDx Stage

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TEDx Stage/TEDx Talks is an event or a program that is independently planned and coordinated such that the live talks are shared with the community locally or globally. Most of the TEDx organizers closely work with the speakers in crafting the talks that are presented during the TEDx event. This plays an essential role in the intensive growth of the author since they can build a strong following from the established TEDx community, thus finding new support and great networking opportunities. As such, the author is in a position to meet their intended goal of increasing their audience reach and sharing their intended message. However, for an author to be featured on a TEDx stage, there are some steps they have to follow.

7 Steps of Getting on the TEDx stage

Step 1. Research TEDx events

Getting on the TEDx stage is every author’s dream since they are exposed to great opportunities, and they stand a chance of meeting great visionary people from the local community. The authors should be aware that not all TEDx events are equal; therefore, they are required to do some research from a website platform such as TEDX events to understand the type of upcoming events. From the gathered information, the author will understand how long the event they have selected has been running and the number of attendees allowed by its license. Secondly, the author should consider the theme of the event, production quality, the stage design, and the venue to ensure that everything matches their interest. Further, the author should review the event held by the previous speakers and the quality of the hosted speaker’s videos. The author should be aware of what they are signing up for since even though most of the TEDx fall under TED strict guidelines; some breach the rules; therefore, with adequate information, the author will evade being frustrated. For instance, depending on the size and the budget set for the TEDx event, the author should understand that they may not be reimbursed for their traveling expenses.

Step 2. Attend TEDx Events

Attending several TEDx events makes the author aware of the content allowed, the format of presenting the talk, and the type of audience to expect. For instance, the TED website warns that its events are not meant for professional speakers but only for those who do remarkable things or have big ideas. This type of information may discourage most potential authors since they may despise themselves and feel like they don’t match up to the requirement. However, through attending several events, the author will gain skills and knowledge of presenting their information to create a great impact like a visionary person and not as a professional. Secondly, attending various events will help the author understand various procedures taken to present successful TEDx content. For instance, once an author is chosen to present at the TEDx event, they are assigned a coach who walks the journey with the speakers to ensure they have followed the TED presentation style. Finally, attending several TEDx events will help the author observe the type of content most audiences resonate with and try to create content that is appealing to the audience.

Step 3. Develop a compelling idea

For an author to match the TED expectation of presenting information that conveys “the big idea”, they have to present a unique idea with a universal appeal approach, supported with in-depth evidence to portray a compelling idea. The content should also have an emotional impact on the audience to make them resonate with the content and catch their attention. Finally, the author’s idea should have the intended outcome, which inspires the audience to act on the idea to impact their lives.

Step 4. Create a video pitch

Not all speakers are “good” speakers; therefore, it is always a requirement that TEDx applicants create a pitch video outlining why their idea is worth sharing and if the information will benefit the audience. The main target of a TEDx event is to present a brilliant idea that is worth sharing and to make sure the audience enjoys it. Therefore, the author should create an interesting, engaging pitch video rich in great ideas that target a wide range of audiences to attract a huge following. The author should be intentional in presenting a breakthrough idea that will bring impact to the world.

Step 5. Submit the application

After following all the guidelines and the author’s requirements, the speaker should submit their application and their pitch video for review. The author can take advantage of the information they are writing in their application and indicate that they understand the TED platform and they are willing to work along with the coaching team for guidance and are open to receiving feedback. This increases the author’s possibility of being chosen on the TEDx stage. Finally, the author should ensure they meet all the eligibility criteria given for submitting their application within the assigned deadline.

Step 6. Prepare your talk

Once the author’s application is accepted, they should thoroughly prepare their talk bearing in mind the order of importance of their idea as it is the main star of their presentation. The author should ensure their ideas are original and well-baked with enthusiasm to ensure the audience enjoys their presentation. Secondly, the author should bear in mind the aspect of time since a TEDx talk is given in approximately 18 minutes. Therefore, the author should be focused and concise to ensure that their idea is presented powerfully within then the given time without making the audience bored.

Step 7. Rehearse your talk

Rehearsing a talk several times is essential to the author as they will identify errors and build confidence. It is always important to give your talk atrial run at the Toastmaster club. The author can transcribe their talk word by word exactly as they say it. This helps the author avoid the aspect of speaking the words they meant to say but reading what they actually say, and they are able to modify their talk by choosing their words correctly. This also helps the author to avoid reading from the writing script and naturally present their talk, which keeps the audience attentive.

Getting on the TEDx stage can be a competitive process, so it’s important to have a compelling idea, a strong application, and a polished delivery. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of getting selected to speak at a TEDx event.


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