4 Tips on Becoming a Paid Speaker

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Let’s talk about the big question here, money. This is perhaps the most common question I get when people are looking to join the Speaker’s Academy. Of course, if you invest in developing your career as a speaker, you want to know if it could become a profitable endeavor for you. 

The truth is the fees for professional speakers can vary widely depending on their experience, expertise, popularity, and the type of event they are speaking at. Some speakers may charge a few hundred dollars for a local event, while others may charge tens of thousands of dollars for a keynote address at a large conference.

According to the National Speakers Association, the average professional speaker fee ranges from $3,000 to $7,500 per keynote presentation, with some speakers charging up to $20,000 or more. However, fees can also be negotiated based on the speaker’s availability, the presentation’s length, the audience’s size, and other factors. Also, professional speakers may also charge additional fees for travel, lodging, and other expenses, which can add to the overall cost of the speaking engagement. 

But there is something to note about becoming a paid speaker, and that is: 


It takes time to develop your speaking skills in order to become a paid speaker. 

Most people want to become paid speakers overnight, but the reality is that it takes time to build up your skills as a professional speaker if you wish to be paid for it. Like with any profession, the more experience you have the more you are worth. So it is wise to start building your speaking experience with smaller stages and build it up to the point where you can show that you have enough speaking experience to charge for it. This may come in a form of testimonials, recommendations, the content of your speaking, endorsements, and results from your past speaking engagements. 


You must have some credibility as a speaker. 

Most well-paid speakers possess not only speaking experience but also specific industry knowledge or skills. Many events are looking for specific industry experts to deliver a keynote presentation to their audience because they have built credibility and thought leadership. This takes time and specific focus on your part to develop your credibility and thought leadership before you raise your speaker fees. 

You need to have a personal brand. 

Some people may argue that you do not need to have a personal brand in order to become a paid speaker, but the truth is you want to represent your brand and your personal brand to represent you as a speaker. This should be professional, clear, and conscience on who you are, the topics you speak on, the level of credibility and thought leadership you have, and why someone should spend their event budget on hiring you as a professional speaker. 


You must be prepared for paid speaking opportunities. 

Preparation is the key to becoming a paid speaker. As the saying goes – Success is when preparation meets opportunity, and in most cases, it is too late to start preparing when an event organizer reaches out to you with a paid speaking opportunity. Opportunities are plentiful for professional speakers, and even when there is no budget for speakers, it is possible to make money and build a successful business in public speaking, but it takes vision, commitment, and perseverance. 

Want to become ready and prepared for paid speaking opportunities? Join the Speaker’s Academy today and learn how to position yourself as a professional speaker who is ready to be paid to speak on stage. Take this step to propel yourself towards becoming a paid speaker.

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